Summer Is Here (Kind Of)

Summer is finally here! Now I know it hasn't felt like it is, with the rain and the chillier weather we've had in the midwest, but we have had a few summery days in the past week or so.

The past week has gone by pretty quickly. I've spent a lot of time with good friends, and a lot of time relaxing at home.

I've made a run to Red Mango with Leah and's $5 Fill Up  on Wednesdays, so you best bet we packed those cups more than full!

I also had a cookout and fire at the apartment with a good rotation of people throughout the night. I also asked for two tacos and was given 12. Basically my friends are awesome.

I found a cute little berry tree in front of Hannah's house...

Don't these just make you think of delicious summer foods and drinks....? Parties in the back yard, cooking out with friends...sipping on a cold glass of blueberry lemonade. Yum!

Hannah and I also grabbed Chipotle, and got stuck next to some serious Valli Girls and Guys- hilarity ensued.

And the most exciting part of the week: I got hit by a car. While I was walking. After the guy had waved Leah and I to cross the street. I'm alright, just some awkward ankle swelling, creaky knee, and a tender thigh (no bruising yet).

We were on our way to a concert, which was pretty good (aside from standing on the leg the whole time, and the drunk idiots that had fire next to us). I was supposed to be going to another concert this weekend, but I don't think it's in my best interest to try to stand for another 6 hours straight on this leg. I had fun on Thursday at the first concert though, and I can always blast the music at home if I really want to.

Tomorrow I have a few small plans before and after the concert, but plan on mostly being lazy and hanging out at home. 

I might even be able to squeeze in a quick DIY project! I have a wooden serving tray calling my name, and a big can of paint that needs to be used.

See you soon!


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