City Adventures

I have had a very busy couple of days! We managed to move the freezer into a good spot, and I've gone through all of the sterilites left in the house- which is a lot. I've designated several boxes and bags for donation, too. It's mostly clothes, but it's still a lot of stuff that I don't need anymore.

The Fourth of July shindig at my place was a success. Lots of food, drinks, friends, glo-sticks, and fun!

No bubble machine? No problem!

Best picture of the night solely because of Erica's face

Morgan got here safely right before I took off for work on Monday, so we haven't had a lot of time together other than after work the past few days. Krystal came over and we've had dinner and wine and cheesecake together (which is always good).

Today, we rode the train in to Chicago and adventured for a bit. We headed to the House of Blues (to replace a shot glass I had gotten for my 21st birthday) before wandering through Millennium Park and the surrounding gardens. We also stopped by the lake for a bit before heading back to the train.

Photo credit: Morgan

Photo credit: Morgan

Photo credit: Morgan

Photo credit: Morgan

Photo credit: Morgan

 We found the coolest guy in town...

 ...bought some great popcorn...

...and boarded the train to get back near home.

Then we came home and had drinks by the fire with Leah. Overall, a very good, very long day before heading back to work tomorrow.

Morgan still has a little bit of time left in town this week, so we're going to go to a couple of local places before she leaves again for Texas. We're going to try to squeeze in as much Illinois back in here as possible before she takes off- we've got a big weekend ahead of us!


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