Moving Update

Do you remember that house I briefly mentioned a while back? Well, we got approved for it (Yay!) but at the last second, Aaron had a severe gut feeling against it, and around here, you don't ignore those kinds of feelings.

So back to the drawing board, back to square one, whatever you'd like to call it. We're going to drive around the area again tomorrow, hoping to find some signs people may have posted in the lawns, since we've exhausted the internet the past few weeks. There are new listings every day, but finding something that we're both happy with is a lot harder than we'd thought.

Not only do we need a place that will allow our two adorable furbabies....
She did not like the cone of shame after her surgery
God he's getting huge!

...but we also each have our own wish lists to go along with it:

My wishlist:

  • Washer/dryer hookups (I just bought a new dryer last month- I'm not exactly willing to give it up)
  • Townhouse apartment or rental house (the less neighbors directly connected to us, the better- we both work weird schedules, so walking above other people isn't really ideal)
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Nice sized living room (or a half-finished basement in a house- sorry boys, but I'm still going to want some sleep on Saturday nights after work. Cranky wake up on Sunday will not suit you well)
  • Nice neighborhood, somewhere closer to my office, but not too far away from the high school for Aaron

His wishlist:

  • $800-900 a month

And that's pretty much all he's told me (he tries to help, but he really is fond of the phrases, "I don't know," and "sure," so I don't really have much to go off of).

It would be super rad if we could manage to find a place with a one (or even a 2) car garage, and extra space for storage or projects, but that would be a dream (also included in the dream would be a dishwasher).

For now, I'll take over my old attic bedroom at my parent's house until we find something we agree on. Ideally, we'll be out by end of May at the very latest (I'm determined to be out sooner, but I have to allot for extra time for a joint decision).

All of my furniture pieces and kitchen gadgets and decor will be put into storage until they find a new home. Sarabi and Abu will meet Ventisca and Dragon (Aaron's pets) while we look around, and will stay with them (let's hope there aren't any more kitty turf wars, Ventisca is a big cat compared to my itty bitty kitties).

Next weekend is the big storage move (oh yay, moving twice), so hopefully we can find somewhere soon (wouldn't it be grand if I didn't have to use the storage unit at all because the perfect place fell into our laps while driving around tomorrow?? I wish the world worked like that).

Until then, I am going to hang out in my townhouse, and pack everything up into neat little boxes. I'll put on some good music, break out the packing tape, and get working!


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