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Craft Night: DIY Throw Pillows/Covers

*walks into Home Decor Addicts Anonymous*
"Hi, my name is Alexis..."
"Hiiiiii, Alexxxxxisssss."
"...and I'm addicted to pillows & holding onto fabric that I've never cut into."

It all started back when I worked at Hancock Fabrics (RIP, you sweet selection of affordable upholstery fabric & cheap remnants) about 5 years ago. I'd find a fabric I liked, stalk it until it went on sale, and then use my employee discount to get a yard (or more) of it. It'd go into the "future projects" storage bin, and sit there to die the slow and painful death of being entirely forgotten.
But no more! Now is the time for it to come out of hiding, get chopped up, stitched back together, and made into something with a job other than sitting in a box.

If you have a sewing machine, this project is going to be super quick & easy. If not, it may take you longer, but should still be relatively simple.

**Note: I made my white pillow covers with zip…


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