DIY Reversible Porch Sign: Fall & Winter

Hello all! Autumn has finally arrived, which means I can officially start decorating and sharing my projects/ideas. Today we'll be making a porch sign like the one I have out front of our house. I have ours hanging from our brick, but you could have yours hanging from a wreath hook over your door if you're not sure how to hang it on your house (for our brick, I used a fluted masonry nail from Home Depot, and drove it into the mortar with a regular old hammer- they come in 1# packages, so you'll have a lot of extra).

Wooden round (in your choice of size- these have gone up in price in recent years online. I always check my store first, because they typically have 18" rounds for around $7 each)
Sisal rope (I ordered 10' in the .5" rope so it would fit in the screw eye, and I'd have enough for 2 reversible rounds)
Screw-in eyes
Stain (I used American Walnut; in store, there are tiny cans for about $4)
Paint, your choice of color

Our Tiny Porch: Fall & Winter Preview

Fall weather has made a brief appearance here recently before we rocketed back up into the 80s, and I can't wait to have it back. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Bonfires, sloppy sweaters, boots, hot cider, the apple orchard... and the colors! The colors that come out in fall are so warm and cozy and they just make me want to curl up with fuzzy socks and candles.
Autumn is officially here this Friday, Sept 22, so you best bet all the scarves, boots, candles, and cocoa are getting busted out ASAP.

Now that fall is approaching, and summer is dwindling, I figured I should refresh the porch to match the season. The plants on the porch aren't really doing it any justice, and I want some bright color to pop, since the tomatoes and peppers never really came in.

I also want to create a reversible sign for the porch that will work for both fall & winter. I've done some rough sketches of what I'd like each side to look like, but have yet to decide fully on colors for t…

Thrifty Thursday 10: Mid Century & Boho Bedroom on a Budget- Planning

Out of all the rooms in our house, I think our bedroom has gone under the most changes.

First there was coastal, with a navy blue linen headboard, blue coral watercolor prints on the wall, and our blue & white coral print coverlet. The room was complete with nautical d├ęcor from Kohl's, and just over-all was a barf-fest, looking back. I don't even have pictures at my disposal, it was so bad.

Then in pursuit of something new but cheap, I went farmhouse-trash. I went to thrift stores, bought the cheapest thing I could throw some paint on, and called it a day. That worked for a whole 3 months before I was over it.

Not to mention, I moved us at some point from the larger bedroom to the smaller one (which I would do over and over again, because it's so much better). Drawing clearly is not perfectly to scale, but you get the idea here of what I'm working with (window on left wall, door opening bottom right corner):

Luckily, the whole time I was hating the house, I was bui…

Slacker Update

Yes, I still exist (but only barely) in the blogosphere. I have been slacking HARDCORE. Aside from my normal level of slackery, we also adopted a dog from our neighbor (long story), and that's thrown a bit of a wrench into some plans I had, cleaning wise.

The bedroom isn't done (laundry is still everywhere).The office/upstairs living space isn't done (really just needs to be decluttered, but it looks like a lot more than that with all the dog stuff everywhere).The basement definitely isn't done (though I've worked on it a little more here and there).And my poor innocent dining room has become the biggest eyesore ever to exist (project crap, dog supplies, & god knows what else).

I'm really hoping that I get a slap of motivation soon to get all this crap out of this house. The yard sale helped, but I need to fully commit to getting rid of things. At this point, I really just want most of it gone. I want to start over entirely with the basement (aside f…

Our Tiny Porch

Anyone who has ever been to our place knows that we have a tiny porch.

Being an apartment, we're lucky to have a porch at all, and luckily we have a couple of neighbors who couldn't care less what the front of their house looks like (read: wrestler frat-boys stuck in their high school glory days that leave their metal cooler on the porch in the summer, mop & bucket in the woodchips, beer on the porch in winter, and sometimes empty beer cans in the hostas...really I swear they're usually well behaved).

Okay, so typing that out, it sounds like we have the worst neighbors ever, but honestly, I don't mind them, because they leave my stuff alone, and let me take over the entire middle section of our porch. So I'll take what I can get. If that means occasionally shoving their cooler to the edge of their side of the porch, or scooping up the occasional empty can on my way to the dumpster, so be it.

Until recently, my chunk of the porch was pretty messy and full of &…

Real Talk

Can we just stop and be real for a moment? Because I think I need to be real, and while sometimes that's hard, it's needed.

I have a problem. It's called "buying-too-much-shit-itis," and while it's not necessarily contagious, it is definitely easily enabled.

It all started after we got this place, and I wanted to make it ours, and make it feel like a home, all while still trying to find my personal style. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of what mattered, and instead of focusing on the way the house needed to function, I focused on how I wanted it to look. Ironically, this caused it to look like a freaking thrift store on steroids, with too much stuff shoved in every corner of every space, causing the house to be less of a comforting space than a stressful one.

I'm not sure why it all started; it may have been a way to deal with life just being generally shitty a couple years ago, or it may have been simply amplified by that. I don't know if I…

Thrifty Thursday 11: Broyhill Brasilia

You guys. Something incredible happened recently.

I found it. I mean IT. I found a Brasilia 2-piece hutch in the wild. For under $150. In excellent condition.

Say whaaaaaaat?!

Also, side note: Why do we say "in the wild," as if they're wildebeests stampeding around the Serengeti, narrowly escaping us by jumping off of insane heights? I mean, I love the image, but it's also quite comical. Anyways...

I walked into Salvation Army, prepared to buy more stock for the Etsy page, and then this happened. I stood there and stared at this small hutch for a while, debating getting it for the sheer fact that I could use it in a booth if I ever get around to getting one.

The price at $25 seemed like a good deal, since I'd just gotten rid of the Garrison in the storage unit for $150. Small, sturdy, and simple could really work for displaying my milk glass or candles.
But then... THEN... I saw her, standing in the back, winking at me from across the room.

I said goodbye to t…