Real Talk

Can we just stop and be real for a moment? Because I think I need to be real, and while sometimes that's hard, it's needed.

I have a problem. It's called "buying-too-much-shit-itis," and while it's not necessarily contagious, it is definitely easily enabled.

It all started after we got this place, and I wanted to make it ours, and make it feel like a home, all while still trying to find my personal style. Somewhere along the way, I lost sight of what mattered, and instead of focusing on the way the house needed to function, I focused on how I wanted it to look. Ironically, this caused it to look like a freaking thrift store on steroids, with too much stuff shoved in every corner of every space, causing the house to be less of a comforting space than a stressful one.

I'm not sure why it all started; it may have been a way to deal with life just being generally shitty a couple years ago, or it may have been simply amplified by that. I don't know if I…

Thrifty Thursday 11: Broyhill Brasilia

You guys. Something incredible happened recently.

I found it. I mean IT. I found a Brasilia 2-piece hutch in the wild. For under $150. In excellent condition.

Say whaaaaaaat?!

Also, side note: Why do we say "in the wild," as if they're wildebeests stampeding around the Serengeti, narrowly escaping us by jumping off of insane heights? I mean, I love the image, but it's also quite comical. Anyways...

I walked into Salvation Army, prepared to buy more stock for the Etsy page, and then this happened. I stood there and stared at this small hutch for a while, debating getting it for the sheer fact that I could use it in a booth if I ever get around to getting one.

The price at $25 seemed like a good deal, since I'd just gotten rid of the Garrison in the storage unit for $150. Small, sturdy, and simple could really work for displaying my milk glass or candles.
But then... THEN... I saw her, standing in the back, winking at me from across the room.

I said goodbye to t…

What's Up Wednesday::06 Personal Update

Hey all,

I know I haven't been posting here at all lately. Most of my posts have been dedicated to the likes of Instagram & the Facebook page (and even that feels neglected these days).

I haven't forgotten about this little blog, I've just been super busy during the day, and when I do have a chance to sit down & write, my body basically just melts into the couch and my brain shuts off entirely.

I haven't started the "Spark Joy" challenge I mentioned last time quite yet, but I have been getting rid of quite of bit almost on a weekly basis with my typical methods.I opened up an Etsy shop for the things I didn't want to donate or just trash, and am testing the selling waters there before I rent a vendor's booth locally.

I'm hoping that this week, I'll finally finish cleaning up the basement room so that I can basically make it a mini "stock-room" for all of the items I would like to sell both online & eventually in the boot…

2017 Plans

Hey all! Not a whole lot to report in the project area, but a lot is going on here at Eve & Theo, especially on the home front.

I've been working on clearing out the house again, only this time I mean serious business. I'm not playing around with the what-if's or the trying to sell things. I'm straight up giving things away just so that they're out of my house. I just can't deal with it anymore.

The house makes me way more stressed than it should, and if it's stressing me out, lord knows it's been killing Aaron for about 80x longer. It needs to be cleaned; part of me feels like it would be better to just move and only keep the things I want to move into a new place. Everything else is just superfluous crap that takes up space, time, and money.

Get. It. Out.

So I've been driving a box or two of god-knows-what to Salvation Army & Goodwill a week, posting furniture up for grabs on Facebook, and just generally ditching the excess. My weeks have …

Thrifty Thursday 09: Lane Acclaim & Danish Oil

Hey all,

I know, it's been a while! I've been working on finals, finishing up the semester, and preparing for the holidays; I haven't had much time for projects, let alone time to write about them!

But now that the semester is over and the holidays are all taken care of, I have a bit of extra time to return back to what I love doing.

Today we're going to go over three different projects: two in-progress & one not quite started. Let's start with one in-progress, which will lead into our others.

I picked up this Lane Acclaim coffee (cocktail) table through a Facebook group I'm a part of. It was a total steal, but it needed some serious TLC. These typically go for $450+ out in the wild, due to the quality & durability that go hand-in-hand with the Lane name & design.

Those dovetail joints are to die for! This particular design line is one of my favorites. The dovetails, the tapered legs, the accent dowels... and particularly the wood.

This table had al…

Thrifty Thursday 08: Spotted in Our Area

All in all, this month has been pretty mellow on the DIY front. Between focusing on school, going to work, and having a social life, there hasn't been a whole lot of motivation to get down & use some serious elbow grease.

But that doesn't mean I haven't had some fantastic opportunities this month to thrift like a boss. People in town have been offering up some seriously good stuff at incredible prices. If I had a workspace, money, & time, I'd have all of these by now, mid-refinish, waiting for me when I left my 9-5. Unfortunately, I neither have the workspace or the money, so any amount of time I do have is moot. But check these screaming deals out:

Antique Secretary Desk (project piece, Winter 2016)

Two Eames DAW Rocking Chairs (reproduction) originally $125 each (received like-new, no work needed)

Ward Furniture Louvered Bedroom Set $150 (purchased, in progress fall 2016)

Mid Century Dining Set with leaves & 4 chairs $64 (missed it by THAT much)

Mid centu…