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Basement Saga: Chapter 3 (Rec Room)

This post has been a LONG time coming, let me tell you. You've probably seen some of the progress here & there throughout my Instagram stories, but this post is a breakdown of what's been done, and what's left to do (because my lord is there stuff left to do).

After the Big Green Beast made her arrival, things started really hopping into high gear for a while. I (almost) finished painting, I found some cute Edison fairy bulbs for the corners, I even hung the mismatched picture ledges to see if that's what I really wanted on the wall (it isn't, but I'll have matching ones someday).

And then things came to a screeching halt.
I couldn't figure out where to put things, or how to style anything, or even what I did & did not want to keep. Things just kept moving around aimlessly until I couldn't take it anymore and just shoved it all into the laundry room to pretend it didn't exist (I also would be lying if I said Minecraft & Netflix's &q…

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