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Small Project Roundup 2019

As someone who constantly has a ton of little/medium  projects going on all at once, a list of them sometimes helps me take a step back and decide which ones to really focus on. I have a huge backlog of projects, but these are the ones I'm really hoping to accomplish this year.

I'm trying to be very money conscious moving forward (really trying to pay off all seizure bills & build my savings account for a new car), so most of these are things I already have on hand & just need to buckle down on. Others will be just budget friendly projects that come along the way.
Here's an idea of some of the things to come this year (no particular order whatsoever):

Front porch/Garden I need to still make the summer side of my reversible porch sign, and I'd like to really clean up the garden. We started last year, but never replanted much other than annuals, so I'm hoping that this year I can really tackle that & make the side garden stand out.

I let our pumpkins an…


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