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Dixie Dresser "From Hell" Reveal / Why I Don't Sell to the Public

Let me tell you. Sometimes I really hate my hobby. Sometimes I curse (a lot, very loudly), think about quitting and just curbing the piece. Last year, working on this Dixie dresser, was definitely one of those times.
I'm glad I didn't.

First off, let's talk about the piece I was supposed to be getting, but that was sold out from under me, resulting in the booby prize I wanted to destroy several times.

Everything about this piece was perfect. Clean lines, cute legs, and in hindsight, no hardware (what ended up being the bane of my existence, and earning the next piece the "from Hell" title).

Instead of honoring our deal for me to pay her almost double what she was asking for this piece, she notified me an hour before pickup that someone came and bought it.
Furious doesn't even begin to cover it, dude. She tried to smooth it over by offering this piece for $25. It wasn't what I wanted, but I figured it'd be relatively easy to make work after that wallpa…


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