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Craft Night- Welcome to Our New Series!

Welcome to Craft Night!

I’ve been hosting monthly Craft Nights at my house for about a year, but somehow, it never occurred to me that you guys might want to join in on the fun too! Each month, I’ll be posting a simple craft project that you can do at home, on a budget, and in one day/night.

This will also help me have some semblance of a schedule to post to the blog, as right now, I’m incredibly sporadic. I have several working drafts, but until projects are done, the posts remain unpublished, and without photos 😞

Some projects will require tools you may not have at home, but there’s usually a very easy work around 😉 Every post will have a full tutorial, complete with supply/tool list, instructions, pictures, and sometimes video of us all making our projects.

Projects to look forward to in the coming months:

DIY Address Planters (March)DIY Photo to Wood transfer (April)DIY Throw Pillows/Covers (May)DIY Glass Frame Art (June) We recently did our planters, and I am in the process of p…

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