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Dining Room Planning...Again

I know, I just reworked the dining room in April because of the Brasilia... but I already am over it (only 6 months later!) and have a plan... kind of. More like I have an idea that I'm currently obsessed with...

So here's the plan:
Brasilia credenza goes downstairs as a TV standNew reproduction Eames DSW dining chairs for every day use, vintage spade backs for extra seating when needed (& when all have been tightened)Remove all back wall décor. Replace with black & white artwork.Build/buy geometric wooden wall art for back wall. Three 2'x3' vertical panels or one 6'w x 4'l panel? Not sure yet, have possible designs to build both, though. Simplify centerpieces. Maybe some simple candle sticks, or glass vases with eucalyptus

Pretty simple, right? But maybe the room will go from feeling like this... (don't mind my terrible phone picture that was taken at night lol) this (but with more warmth)! I mean, that wood piece is killer. That would be a s…

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