Stolen Stereo Rescue

Okay, so it wasn't entirely stolen. It was begging for a new home. One of Aaron's friends used to live across the street, and when his family moved out, there were some things left behind in the driveway, including this poor beat up stereo.

Doesn't look too bad, right? Well.... It really wasn't, and it works! The fact that it has a cassette player is huge (I'm old, okay?), since I have a massive collection of tapes. My car has never had a CD player, and never will, so I've accumulated quite the stash of 80s and 90s tapes.

This baby needed a deep clean. Sarabi managed to find the chunk of...pizza?... really quickly.

The stereo probably hung out in the garage for years building up dust and dirt, feeling abandoned and all alone in the world. Don't worry, little Sony. I've got your back.

A quick wipe down with a wet cloth, and this little guy already looks a million times better. I can't wait to set him up in the new place and jam out to Wayne's World, Woodstock 94, Tom Petty, and Vanilla Ice....Now I can be jamming again (our last stereo system belonged to Chelsea, so my tapes were going to sit in misery together until their time came this summer to blare out my car windows).
Here's my new (old) toy! He'll be great for cookouts, cleaning, and just general merriment in the new place. Thanks Matt & family! You rock!

Also, a mall shoutout to my international readers out in Canada and Saudi Arabia! It's always neat to see who I can reach :)


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