...In With the New

The apartment is all cleaned up, the new carpet is installed, and it's ready and waiting for us to move in. I'm going to try to empty out my car and some of my room at my parents' house tonight to get a head start before we really move everything in.

Remember this living room?With the old crusty carpet and all of the junk sitting everywhere?

Well here it is now. New soft carpet, some forgotten drapes, new blinds, and fresh air filters.

Much better, right? And remember the dining room and kitchen with all of those cleaning supplies laying out everywhere?

Well now everything is nice and clean (and I can finally see how truly hideous our countertops are).

Totally hideous, right? I also have some better pictures of the office space. Nothing much changed in here, it was just vacuumed and cleaned. I'm looking forward to building my new desk in here and getting some color on these walls. It'll be nice to have an extra little space of my own.

And lastly, the master bedroom. Sadly, we did not get new carpet in either of the bedrooms, so I will need to use some ice cubes to raise up the dents in the existing carpet. I also need to hang up some real curtains, because while the ones in the living room work, my god are they hideous. They remind me of giant pieces of seaweed. They might work in the office for a bit, but they will eventually get replaced for sure.

So tonight I will be doing some finishing touches and moving some of the smaller stuff in. I'd like to vacuum, clean the kitchen (there was some putty on one of the counters, I'd rather be safe than sorry), and see what all I can reach in the storage unit. I'll need to bring some lamps over and such too (we only have overhead lighting in the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom) so that I can keep working if needed. We'll see how far I get.

I'm hoping to move most of the smaller stuff over throughout the week so that we can focus on the big stuff the next weekend. I'd like to have everything moved in by the 11th so that it doesn't feel like the first month's rent is totally wasted. It's just that the way that everything lines up...the first of the month being on a Wednesday (I'm the only one with Wednesdays & Sundays off), my birthday being on Easter (everyone's day off, but it's a holiday), scheduling PTO for the 11th (hopefully), and trying to figure out what exactly I'm doing for my birthday (hoping to do something on the 12th)...it's just a hairy situation.

Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly. Off to cleaning I go!


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