Moving In: Part 2

So we've made a lot more progress since last week. We moved the rest of the furniture in, set the living room up, we've even had people over to hang out. Today I started in on the office by putting together my desk. Tomorrow we have someone coming to look at the fridge, since only the freezer works, and hopefully we'll be able to get some real food in this place (we've been living out of my mini-fridge, so we can't fit much right now).

Here are some pictures of the living room set up. I put a few more little detail pieces in here, and arranged the furniture (after Aaron had cleared everything else out of here and put the coffee table together).

I also was able to put up a shelf in our bathroom for a little bit of extra storage. In my last place, I had a Glade sprayer, but I had it at about eye level, and Aaron got sprayed in the eye. So this time, the shelf is much higher.

Today I started trying to get the office set up, since it's been our main dumping ground for boxes since Saturday's final move-in. It wasn't too difficult, there was just a lot of prep work before it could all snap into place together.

Once the desk was finally finished, I wanted to try to keep going with the office. I started to lose steam after I ate, but I did get a couple of Ikea shelves up without too much effort.

So I'm not quite finished with the office, but I'm on my way there. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a working fridge, and maybe a haul of groceries. I'd also really like to get our dryer up and working, but our valve is super stuck... so while we can wash our stuff, everything needs to be air dried. Not a crisis, but definitely a little bit of a pain in the butt when you run out of bath towels...

Smells like dinner is done, so I've gotta go check on that. Plus Seth Meyers just came on after Jimmy Fallon. I'll see you all next week!


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