Office Overhaul (Getting Organized)

Anyone that knows me know that I love binders. I have countless binders, all nice and organized for bills, car maintenance, cat related/vet stuff, pay stubs, and other things that I may need to reference later.

I had gotten way behind on filing these types of things in the past month or two, and had an entire box full of papers that needed to be hole-punched, sorted out, and filed in chronological order. But I realized I didn't have enough binders. If you've been in my house before, you're probably thinking, "How in the world did you not have enough binders, woman?"

Well, somehow, I filled them all. Oops. But the good news is, Walmart is only about 5 minutes away, and they have binders! So I restocked and got to work. I enlisted Abu to help, since he seemed oh-so-interested in all of the paper on the desk.

Once everything was hole-punched, we were really able to get a move-on. Everything started flying into binders and pretty soon, we were able to start more projects. I started with the little area around my desk (I know, something is crooked, but I can't figure out which one...the level lies). I hung a few little reminder canvases that I enjoy under the shelves I put up last week, and separated my writing utensils. 

Then I tackled even more shelves, and hung up Hannah's elephant painting from this week's post. I arranged some of my books and chotchkies on the shelves, hung up a few little quote plaques, called it a day. 

The books on these shelves are ones that the cats absolutely are not allowed to ruin. Abarat is a signed copy by author Clive Barker. It's one of my favorite books, and he's one of my favorite authors from growing up. One day, I will own a signed copy of my all-time favorite book, The Thief of Always, but right now, I can't validate spending the money on it when I have other things to buy (like an entertainment center to fit my TV).

I also have a small selection of my Jodi Picoult books, but most of the ones I own are paperback, so I only displayed some of the hardcovers that I own. House Rules was one of my favorites, but I figured the plot out fairly early on.

And lastly, my Series of Unfortunate Events. I used to own every single one. But now, number 7 has managed to escape (the little jerk). I've kept these books in great condition while growing up, and they still remain my favorite series. Typically I'm a one book and done kind of person, but these series were written well, and they have some sentimental value.

I have much more organizing to do (those binders can't stay on my desk or I'll lose my mind with how cluttered it will always be), but for right now, I can safely say that I'm happy with the progress I've made in this room. It might be slow, but it is coming along, and I know one day it'll be finished.

Well, I have a few more things I'd like to get done before I head off to bed. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! Here's a random cat:


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