Office Overhaul (Skulls Galore)

Hey all,

I've been doing a few little quick projects here and there during move in, but my big project lately has been my office space. I want the room to be set up and ready to go so that everything is organized (plus then I'll have a nice sewing space).

So this week, I've been getting things a little tidied up, and hanging more stuff up on the walls. The last time you saw the office, it looked like this:

Well, now it has some more stuff on the wall, including shelves, some artwork from a friend, and skulls. Some people think they're creepy, some people love them. I'm most definitely the latter. I have these two gorgeous African Blesbok skulls hanging on one wall....

Work in progress, the cats can't reach the skulls or they'll chew on them, so I'm trying to figure out how to move stuff around here.

....Hannah incorporated an elephant skull in this masterpiece she designed and painted for me....

...and I have these absolutely stunning painted pieces from Nikki, who has a great page on Facebook and an Etsy shop that you should check out. These are a red fox and a chicken skull, hand painted. I have them showcased in a bell jar on the shelving I put up last week if you remember....

My last guy isn't really a skull at all, but he is quite beautiful. I got this buck at a department store after staring at him for about 20 mins, putting him back up on the display, leaving the store, and going back about an hour later to buy him. Something about it just made me love it. He's white ceramic, and he's elegant in his own way.

So the office is coming along in its own unique way. I have more organizing to do, and a few more projects to share that I've done throughout the week, but overall, my focus has been on making this a space I can enjoy.

A few smaller posts are on their way this week, including the final part of the conch shell revival, a quick and easy picture frame makeover, and maybe a little tutorial on shelving (because I've been hanging a lot of shelves lately)! So keep an eye out as I continue to dress this apartment up. 

After the apartment is finished, I'll start doing more posts on furniture restoration (you don't think I've forgotten about my wingback chair, do you?? It's staring at me every day in the living room, begging for its makeover), sewing, maybe some recipes here and there.

Catch you on the flip side!


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