Part 2: Garage Sale Revival- $0.25 Conch Shell (from hell)

Garage sale season is coming up soon (I can't wait), so it only seems appropriate that I revisit an old garage sale rescue item. You may remember this poor unfortunate conch shell that has been sitting by his lonesome self in my parent's attic for the past 10 years.

Even if you don't, take a good look at him. Cringe at the ugliness. Squint at the gawdiness. And shun the meaningless Bahamas painting on it. Because you're about to meet a whole new conch shell.

And now, meet the new and improved conch shell, who is on his way to being an item I would proudly display in our house. Because, despite his ugly past, and his hefty size, he has some sentimental value behind him. So he is staying (please excuse the insane amount of glare these pictures have, it is nice and shiny, but not that shiny).

I might think a little more about adding some white detail to it, it just doesn't seem finished yet. But for now, it can hang out with me in the office, waiting to find it's forever home in the house.

And even though it isn't quite finished yet, it is a heck of a lot better to look at than it was before!


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