Whale of a Tale

Today, Hannah, Leah, and I went to the new HomeGoods store in town. I found a lot of things that I loved (of course), but ultimately came home with a whale.

Yes, you read that right. I brought home a whale. Actually, two whales and an octopus. As soon as I saw the first whale, we all knew this was going to be a dangerous store, but that didn't stop us from pushing the cart forward, picking up the whale, and finding more along the way.

Everything I grabbed today was bought for our rec room/guest room. It's currently still in progress, but Hannah and I worked on one wall today for a bit.


In progress:


All that I'm waiting on now is to get the couch/futon and rugs down stairs and arranging the room. I still need to hang up some curtains and clean up the room a bit, but it won't take too long once it gets moving. Then the room will be all set up for the next time we have someone crashing at our place.

Right now one of my coworkers is waiting to move in to the apartment next door, so she's crashing on our couch, but I'm sure having a space of her own would feel a lot better. And with friends coming back into town from college, it could prove very useful this summer to have a space set up for them to stay over.

Our current guest may only experience a few days of having the space downstairs, but I'm sure it'll be a lot better than sleeping in the living room for the next couple of weeks!

And just for fun, here's a slow-mo video of my cats being total weirdos:


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