Rec Room Reveal

Finally, finally finally! The rec room is done, and up and running (I'm actually currently writing from the room, watching Netflix, perfectly comfortable on the new futon).

The temperature is perfect after a sticky warm day, and now Aaron doesn't have to move his PS4 up and down the stairs any time I want to watch TV with friends, since we'll be able to come downstairs. He can hog the big TV in the living room for his games while we hang out down here!

I have a friend coming up to town who moved away after graduation, so the room will be ready and waiting when she visits next month.

Here's the faux entry way..aka the bottom of the stairs. It's a total mess right now with the hair dryer chair and catnip boxes, and shelves that have yet to find their home, so bear with me.

And once you get past the mess, it gets a little bit better. Now it isn't anything too fabulous, since it's a rec room in an apartment basement, but it does look a million times better than the rec room at the old place...

Or even the new place, pre-cleaning....

So here is what we have now:

We also have a new Futon King....

And a Papasan Princess....

I am so happy to finally have this room close to finished (there are still a few things that I want to fix, but will have to wait until the laundry room is cleaner).

Now I have another usable living space that I can hang out in when it's too warm upstairs, and when Aaron has his buddies over.

Back to Netflix, I'll talk to you all next Wednesday!


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