That Work Life: Ebates

Disclaimer: this post is not paid for by Ebates.com- I just really like my job, and think more people should earn free money for doing what they already are doing online- shopping!

Sometimes, I miss making a weekly post because I'm busy cleaning the house. Other times, I miss making a weekly post because I've been at work, helping people learn more about my company's website, and how to use it. I'm in our customer service department, answering member's emails and phone numbers 5 days a week, and while I'm more than happy to do it, sometimes a day off of the computer is much needed!

If you don't know what my company does, then you're truly missing out. I work for a company called Ebates, which allows you to shop online for items you were (probably) already going to buy, but also earn some free money along the way! And the best part? We're BBB accredited since 2000, so you know we're reliable! That's 15 years of  amazing service under our belt, and we're quickly growing! Just check out all of our awesome reviews online from happy members!

Most sites that provide Cash Back rebates make you sign up for a paid membership- but we don't. What actually happens is that the companies we work with pay us for bringing traffic to their website, and we split that commission with you, the members. And we don't make you earn points in order to get cash- because who wants to wait until they earn 100 points just to get a dollar??
Our site displays Cash Back rebate percentages offered by the store. For example, if a store is offering 5% Cash Back, you'll get $5 Cash Back for every $100 you spend on the website! Pretty easy, right?

So here are the super easy steps to earning FREE MONEY:

1. Sign up for Ebates.com here! You'll also be able to pick a free sign up bonus- either extra Cash Back or a $10 gift card that gets sent out in the mail after you've spent a total of $25 through the website.

2. Find your favorite store's Ebates page and check out their rebate offer and current coupons. We have over 1,300 stores, so you're more than likely going to find a store that you like. I really like Target, Kohl's, Maurice's, and Torrid. I also like checking to see which stores are offering Double Cash Back.

3. Click on the orange Shop Now button. This will open a Shopping Trip (which lets the store know that you used Ebates) and will direct you to the store's shopping page.

4. Shop like you normally would and earn Cash Back on your purchase!

Now I know what you're thinking- where's the catch? Well, there really isn't one- all you have to do is make sure that you are aware of the store's exclusions (which are listed on their Ebates page).

You get sent a check or PayPal payment every 3 months (quarterly) according to what you had earned in the prior quarter. And we don't send out tiny useless checks for a few pennies and make you waste time depositing them at the bank- we only send out checks greater then $5.01- so if you haven't earned this much by the end of a quarter, your Cash Back will be moved over onto the next check!

And think about this- if you do sign up, and you ever have any questions, you'll essentially have your own personal customer service rep to answer all of your questions- me!

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to comment below, check out our FAQ page, or email me at quirkandchirp@gmail.com, and you'll be sure to get an answer as soon as possible!

So what are you waiting for? Go shop and get paid to do it (isn't that every girl's dream?)!


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