Office Chair Overhaul: Part 2

This morning when I woke up, the chair frame was dry- yay!! The coat is really even (though I did realize I didn't do the underneath parts), and it gave this frame a whole new life. This frame is still kind of funky, with its front legs being so detailed, but its back legs being straight. It's also kind of short in stature, but it won't be used a whole lot, so that'll be okay.

After finishing the first big chunk of this project yesterday, I was excited to see how this chair turned out in the end.

First I flipped over the chair, lined up the seat, and screwed everything back in. Lining up the holes was not a fun task, but once I had one lined up and screwed down a little bit, it started to fall into place.

After that was finished, well... I was done! All I had to do was flip the chair up right and...

Voila! A whole new chair. Here's a before and after just as a reminder of how a few coats of paint and new fabric can make all the difference. We went from this...

To this! With less than 2 hours of actual work, and some dry time, this chair can once again feel (almost) new.

While it isn't perfect, I am pretty happy with how this project turned out. Maybe with the second chair, I won't ditch the idea of extra padding so quickly, and I'll sand everything down to get a smoother look throughout the frame. But this will definitely work in the office as a second chair for the times that I'm crafting with someone else, or just hanging out upstairs.

Overall, not a bad turnout for a project that only cost me $7, since I had all of the other materials on hand already!

Questions? Suggestions for color combos on the second chair? Anything else you'd like to say? Go ahead and head over to my Facebook page to leave a comment on this post, or write on the wall, or even message me!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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