Weekend Challenge

The laundry room: a place for clean clothes, and storage.
Our laundry room: a place for clean clothes, litter boxes, sterilite bins, random furniture, wrapping paper, and a giant upright freezer. In other words, a complete and utter mess.

I've been meaning to clean up our laundry room for quite some time, as I want it to be another useable space that doesn't just feel like a cold, cement room that you dread going into.

I've started moving sterilite bins out to our storage unit to clear off this table that came with the apartment. I haven't decided if I want to keep it or not (it might make for a really good craft table, since I wouldn't care if paint or hot glue got onto it), but it takes up a huge space, and our laundry room is shaped really oddly. It's kind of like a giant "U," only once everything is in there, it doesn't feel so giant. Right now, it's set up something like this ("set up" meaning "things are just thrown in there wherever they fit, as long as I can still walk").

See what I mean? There's just stuff everywhere. And this week, my dad and I picked up an upright freezer from one of his friends, which is currently haphazardly shoved in the space between the table, wire shelving, and the water heater. In other words, 100% in the way of everything.

So the time has come. This laundry room is going down. The challenge? This weekend is a) the 4th of July, so I' having people over Saturday night to celebrate, and b) the last two days before Morgan is in town and will need the basement to hang out in while she's here.

Wednesday, Hannah, Chelsea and I started unloading some sterilites, but moving the freezer drained me, so not a whole lot was accomplished. So tomorrow, after visiting Home Goods, but before people come over for the cookout and fire, I need to get some more taken care of.

And then Sunday, I have to finish the room to make sure that when Morgan arrives, it isn't still complete chaos.

It's going to be a long weekend...!


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