DIY Personalized Nautical Coordinates + Giveaway!

If you've checked out this blog at all before, it's very clear that I'm into the nautical/coastal vibe. The problem is, while I might like most of the things I have in our humble abode, nothing was really personal enough for me to really love it.

Last week, I was buying some basic supplies for future projects when I ran across this little gem at Walmart. I didn't have any particular plan for it yet, but I knew I wanted it. It has a little rope hanging cord on the back, and was a nice size for any wall in the house.

While getting lost in the never ending land of Pinterest, I remembered a project I had wanted to try, and decided that this wooden display would be the perfect piece for it.

The idea is super simple (and so is the project!).

  1. Think of an important spot in your life. Where you grew up, where you met your significant other, your home, etc.
  2. Search that address in Google maps with "latitude and longitude coordinates" typed into the search bar
  3. Apply these coordinates to a plaque, canvas, or framed as art in your house
It's so simple, and it turns out so nicely! I chose to simply stencil my coordinates onto this wooden display with some white paint. I kind of messed up on the bottom row (it slants up a bit), but it's a great little piece of personalized art for the house!

I got my stencils at Walmart for about $4 for the box. They were the perfect size, and there are several cards with each letter and number listed on them.

For the periods and the degrees, I didn't have a stencil, so I used the handle end of my paint brush for the periods, and a pencil eraser for the degrees marks. Somehow the eraser made the paint do a heavy line around the edge, but not through the center. There is a slight mark left by the center of the eraser, but it looks like a degree mark more thank the end of the brush, so it's a win in my book!

I'd love to see any of your projects too! Email me a picture of one of your recent projects (or your own version of this one!) and I'll select one lucky winner to receive a set of 5 one-of-a-kind scarves made by yours truly! Plus, your project could be showcased right here on the blog!

Send all submissions to quirkandchirp@gmail.com and on August 20th, I'll pick one lucky reader!

And while you're on the internet, make sure to check out the new blog I'm co-writing! It's called Treat Yo Self, and it's dedicated to enjoying the small things in life. I'll be writing a series called College Kid Cuisine, about making meals on a budget! Feel free to message me or email me recipes you'd like me to try, and I'll do my best! Be sure to like our Facebook page, too!

In the meantime, check out my first lesson, Chicken Fried Rice, right here!

See you later!


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