Ikea Hack: Personalized Trivets

Okay, am I the only one that constantly sees Ikea hacks all over the internet and has never done one for myself?

They're everywhere: Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs galore.

How have I, with my love for Ikea, and my love for DIY, never done one of these? That ends here, my friends. And I picked something that is (virtually) impossible to mess up.

Personalized trivets. Or, circular cork boards for your wall, if you want to hang them up and stab them with tiny little thumbtacks.

Ikea has these glorious little cork trivets/heat pads for under $4 for three of them. You can use them in your kitchen, or in your bathroom and laundry room (hot irons anyone?), or in your craft room (hot glue guns).

So I grabbed two packs of these, and figured, let's paint them (big shock, me and paint? never.....)


You can do patterns, quotes, flowers, pictures, the possibilities are literally endless here, people. Solid colors your thing? Go for it. Color blocking? Hell yes. Stripes? Totally doable.

I decided to try to do stripes on a few, and learned some things.

  1. Painter's tape will stick to your cork board, but it won't stick perfectly. You will have some little bits here and there that lift up and the paint will get under it. Oh well, artistic looking (kind of)- I mean they're trivets, people, they don't have to be perfect).
  2. Painter's tape will not stick to painted cork. Way more "artistic" stripes will result....
  3. I suck at hand painting anything with detail. Stencils would have been quite helpful in this case.
So after they all dried, this is what I ended up with. A bunch of slightly less plain cork trivets. Easy enough, right?

Now I'm not sure if I'll ever put a hot pot or pan on the painted side (I left one side totally blank on each one), since I'm not sure if the paint would then get stuck to the metal and peel off, but They'll at least look slightly less bland in their little pile on my microwave.

I think that with my other three, I'll try to do fabric covers on them. Not sure how that will go with folding, and all that, so we will have to see...


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