Photography Goodies

If there's one thing I use my phone for more than anything, it's taking pictures. Luckily I have a really good camera on my phone, and most of my pictures turn out the way I'd like them to.  However, there are certain things for which I would rather use a real camera, such as video tutorials, furniture upcylces, and room reveals.

While I had my camera, I misplaced all accessories for it somewhere during the move. I had a battery, but not the charger, had the camera, but not the cord, had the case, but not the strap. So, with very little battery power, and no way to transfer the files onto my computer, I've been using only my phone.

Not a crisis, but definitely not ideal for all instances. So to Amazon I went, looking for a new charger and a few other accessories for my well loved camera. My parents bought me this as a high school graduation gift, and it has been brought on many road trips, a camping trip, and several random endeavors with my friends. I've always used the automatic features on this camera, only briefly checking out the panoramic feature, and flipping through the other modes, not entirely understanding most of the options they presented.

This camera has a lot of features I have never explored, including a manual mode with several different settings for shutter speed, aperture, etc. These kinds of settings are exactly what I need to learn before I finally have a DSLR camera in the future (right now I'm looking at this Canon Rebel package at Walmart).

I'd like to have some type of idea as to what I'm doing before I spend all of that money on something with about a million more settings on it. Hence, investing in a few more accessories for my current camera.

After looking at a few different package options on Amazon, I settled on this one. It came with enough basic equipment that I thought it would give me a good start.

Overall, this kit was 100% worth the cost. Everything is brand new, and of really decent quality. The tripod is great, really easy to set up, and has plenty of height. The desk tripod is sturdy enough to handle my current camera, so we'll see if it can hold up the DSLR once I have one.

The case has plenty of room for my camera along with all of its cords, batteries, chargers, and cables. It also has an adjustable strap, extra side pockets, and a case divider so that your camera can be snuggly tucked away.

I've also made a light-box (by following the directions from this post) for future pictures to help diffuse light and have better developed pictures. Hopefully I'll have (almost) stellar pictures soon!


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