Rocking Chair Revamp: Part 1

When I was shopping around for the office chair overhaul, I ran across a cane back rocking chair at a thrift shop. It had a $5 price tag, and it looked like it was in good condition, but I didn't take any time to really look at it.

Well, for the next few weeks, all I could think about was this dang chair. It had these huge voopy loops on the bottom, and was clearly missing a cushion. It actually looked a lot like the rocking chair in Walter White's house, and it just kept calling for me to come get it.

After about two weeks, I went to find the chair. The thrift shop had moved down the road to a new location, and I was almost certain it'd be gone. But lo and behold, when Chelsea and I pulled her SUV into their teeny parking lot, the chair was still there, waiting for me!

I walked right in, told the lady inside that I was buying the chair, and that was that. This beautiful chair was all mine, in all its cushion-missing, handmade, cane back glory.

And along with this great piece, I found an adorable little hat box with an atlas pattern for $3! This type of box is one of my many obsessions, and I couldn't leave it there.

When I got the chair home, I whipped out the drop cloths, covered the entire living room, and opened the windows. Originally I had planned on painting the chair outdoors so the sun and wind could help it air out and dry, but once we got back to the house, it was past 9:00 pm, and pitch black. But I was determined to paint this bad boy that very day.

I decided on one of my favorite Rustoleum colors, Satin Granite. I broke out the primer, and did a full coat over the wood, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Then I covered the chair in two coats of the paint, allowing time for drying in between coats, again, making sure to get into all of the tight spaces and loops. Covering the cane backing entirely was a bit difficult since a lot of the paint just flew right through the holes, but eventually I had the whole piece covered.

Right now it's hanging out in the bedroom, but eventually I'll probably have it in my office. I'm excited to get working on the cushion (hopefully this week), and sewing the cover for it as well.

I still haven't decided on a fabric for the cushion cover though.... any color suggestions for me?

Next time you see this chair, it'll be newly painted, have a new cushion, and a new home!


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