Quick N Easy: Bubble Wreath- Supply list

Hey all! I'm sure you've seen bubble wreaths before on the internet (Pinterest is filled with them). They're cute, simple, and can easily be modified for any season, holiday, or occasion.

Most of the time, you can find a majority of them sell for more than $25 on Etsy....

Even "kits" are going for more than $15!! Seriously?? It's absolutely crazy to think that people are actually paying those amounts when it cost me less than $10 and a half hour to make my own.

So this is what you'll need, and where you can get it:

Burlap rolls & ribbon- I found all of these at Walmart. They were all reasonably priced, and they had enough colors so that I could stock up for more than one wreath and not break the bank. You'll want at least two rolls of your main color (learned that the hard way), and two rolls of your accent color or pattern if you'd like your wreath to be uniform.
I ended up improvising and having my wreath change halfway through since I really didn't want to go back to Hell-mart at midnight. Still turned out way better than I thought it would, but not everyone wants to improvise ;)

Wire wreath frame- Typically, Dollar Tree has these on hand in the floral section. I think that our whole town decided to make wreaths at the same time though, as when I went to finally pick one up, they were gone, and all they had were the foam wreath forms. While those work for some things, they wouldn't work for this.
Luckily, Walmart had several different sizes, with the largest being under $3. I went with an 18" wreath frame so that it would fill the door a bit more than our normal wreath had been. And they were right next to the burlap rolls, so that was nice and convenient!

Faux flowers, leaves, garland, etc- Back when I picked up some flowers for my easy seasonal decor post, I made sure to grab some supplies for the wreath. Plain wreaths are great and all, but they're just not my thing. Adding even just a teeny bit of extra texture, color, or interest will make your wreath stand out.

That's it. That's seriously all you need for this.

Hard to believe people are charging over $20 for any of these when you can make your own custom wreath for less than half that cost.

Well, are you ready to make your own wreath now? Check out the tutorial in my next post, and you'll be on your way to a whole new front door!


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