Quick 'n' Easy: Changing of the Seasons

Hey all!

Fall is finally close enough to smell. The apple orchards are opening, pumpkins are starting to pop up in grocery stores, and everyone has a thirst for apple cider & a hunger for pumpkin pie.

Fall is easily one of my favorite seasons. As such, I want the feeling of fall in my home. Warm, cozy colors, candles with seasonal scents, soft, warm blankets, and plenty of comfy throw pillows.

It's very easy to change the vibe your home has by simply implementing seasonal colors. Typically, my home is filed with blues, whites, silvers, and other bright, airy hues. But Fall calls for darker, warmer tones. Enter reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

If you don't have many of these hues, don't worry! I didn't have very many either, but Dollar Tree was there, with some cheap and easy solutions!

First, I grabbed a few faux flowers in warmer colors. They have several options, and with each bundle only costing a buck, it's easy to get together a bouquet to display. They also have several different vases and fillers to choose from if you do not have these readily available.

Felt cut-outs are a good option as well, if displayed in the correct manner. I picked up a few of them, but have yet to decide how to display them.

I also brought out a few items I had tucked away that fit the color scheme.

Walmart has the best fall candles for a budget. Every year, they bring then back out, and every year, I have to buy a new pack because the old ones are used up. I managed to save myself one large Mulled Apple Cider, and Aaron managed to save one of his Pumpkin Spice. Pop these on a candle warmer, and soon, you'll feel like you're living at the orchard or the pumpkin patch. Yum!

Luckily, most of my wooden furniture is darker. I tend to gravitate towards the Espresso color that ClosetMaid offers, and have several pieces of theirs. I also have my old beat up cedar chest that has a beautiful dark stain as well. Our entertainment center has a mix of a walnut stain with industrial legs, so it already fit in perfectly as well.

To make things extra cozy, bring out some throw blankets. I happen to have an over abundance of blankets (hence the cedar chest), so switching mine out was super easy! Add some throw pillows into the mix, and you can't resist wanting to cuddle up on the couch with some hot cider.

In the dining room, all you may need to do is add a tablecloth, change out your napkins and dishes, or switch out a few wall hangings. A couple quick switches and you're done!

And voila- there you go! A few simple color changes can alter the entire mood of a room. If you store your seasonal pieces when they aren't being displayed, you'll have an easily accessible stockpile to choose from every year.


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