Quilt Rack Makeover

A long time ago, I bought a quilt rack from Goodwill for $3.99. I originally made this purchase because it was a cherry wood color, and I was supposed to be getting a cherry wood bed frame from a friend's family member.

Well, I never got the bed frame (oops), but I did keep the quilt rack. It was a solid piece, and had two rods for quilts, along with a shelf that ran the length of the top of the rack. Now the problem was that the wood didn't match any other piece of wood in the house.

I still wanted to use this piece, as I have a quilt that my grandma made for me for my graduation that I would like to hang up. But the color of the cherry wood was so strong that I didn't want to hang it up without editing it somehow.

There were several times I thought about just getting rid of the rack, as it sat unused and in the way in the office for about 6 months (another oops). But now it's finally up!

I just painted it with Lyric Blue paint and put a couple holes in the wall and voila.

I'm totally in love with this paint color, and wish that I had bought more than just a sample- I'll probably end up buying more at some point.

Super easy project that took way too long to be finished. And I don't hate where it's at right now, but let's be honest- it'll probably move at some point (like everything else in this house).

Speaking of everything moving in this house at some point... I have plans to switch up the office and the rec room between now and spring! I just cannot be happy with the office space upstairs- the room isn't big enough for it to be a craft room, office, and supply room without turning into a huge mess.

Plus, when people stay over, it'll be much better for them to actually have a guest room rather than the rec room. Not to mention better for me to have a small TV room for when Aaron and the guys are using the main TV- being closer to my bedroom and a real bathroom will be nice!

More on that later (I actually already have some furniture pieces to fix up for the guest room)!


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