Christmas Craft Preview

I know, I know. It's just getting into November, and everyone is talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving even has happened.

But for those of us that make our gifts, we have to plan way ahead. As in, usually we need to start in October to make sure that everyone's gift is done & taken care of by Thanksgiving so that we can actually enjoy shopping in December.

Every year for Christmas, I make the majority of my gifts. Sure, sometimes there will be a gift card included, or something that goes along with the gift, but the main part of the group is always handmade.

The first year I made personalized Sharpie plates (for display, not eating) for each person. Using a similar technique the next year, I made personalized mugs, which could be used (but couldn't go through the dishwasher).

Then I made bowl cozies (for sale here), and everyone lost their minds (though I can't really blame them, they are seriously one of the coolest things).

This year, to help you prepare for the holiday season, I've planned a month of DIY gifts that almost anyone can make.

We'll go over a few of my previous home made gifts, and maybe throw in some extra ideas here and there.

Here are some of the Christmas projects I hope to cover here on the blog:

  • Personalized mugs & dinner ware
  • Easy Christmas Wreath
  • Embossed bottle vases
  • Wooden Snowflakes
  • Winter Scene Window

If you need some quick ideas right now, check out a post or two below for an easy DIY project:
Are there any projects you'd like to see done here on the blog? If so, leave a comment below!

Have you done any awesome Christmas projects in the past? You should post a photo or link on the Facebook page to share with fellow readers to help inspire new projects! :)


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