Switching It Up: Moving the Office

Hey all! I know I'm late for this post, but I'm finding it difficult to view this room as "finished." There are pieces of furniture that don't belong in the room, the walls aren't arranged "just right," and so on and so forth.

But, I said I'd share this room with you, so here goes...

When we first moved in, the rec room looked like this:

Then in the rec room reveal, it looked like this...

Now... the office. When we first moved in, it looked like this....

..then it looked like this...

Well, I tired of both of these looks very quickly, and came up with reasons left and right on why I wanted to switch the rec room and the office. I called up the landlord to see if I could paint over the hideous yellow-tan, she gave the go ahead, and I got to work!

Things got weird really quickly when I took the smoke detectors off. First the molding came off, causing the latex paint to peel off of the paneling in large sections...  

...and then I discovered the several layers of hideousness that preceded our yellow-tan walls.

Ew gross, moving on.

Since I had purchased two gallons of the paint I'm using on the Craigslist dressers, I decided to go with it as the new color for the basement office. It started looking amazing pretty quickly.

I also barricaded myself into the basement pretty quickly (yay for no fires), as I needed to move the furniture around every time that I needed to do a new wall. What a leg and arm workout! I quickly discovered how heavy my furniture is after it is moved 5 times.

But after a lot of painting, pushing & shoving furniture, and trying to figure out where everything should go, I ended up with this (excuse the mess- these are still kind of "in progress" pictures):

A printer station was a must. When I had the office upstairs, the printer could only be on if the light switch was flipped up, and the paper, ink & toner were in a spot that didn't make much sense. With the printer station, the printer can turn on whenever I need it to, and the drawers in the coffee table provide the perfect spot for all of the supplies!

And having a quick filing station is a great help as well. Now all of our bills are organized prior to being hole punched and added to the binders.

The "entryway" into the office was also an important space. I wanted some functionality, so I added some coat hooks on the way down to the stairs. This way when we have guests over in the winter time, they can hang their coats to dry, and not worry about them being in anyone's way.

I also finally found a place for my Nantucket Lobster Co. sign that I like! It fills this awkward bulkhead wall nicely on your way down the stairs and adds a splash of personality.

Storage is super important for me in any room, but when it comes to the office/craft room/my personal junk heap, it's paramount. These photo boxes provide a sleek and neat way to organize my fabric scraps, unused candles, extra boxes of tea, fabric shears, paperclips, nails & screws, you name it.

And of course, there has to be a bit of nautical whimsy to make this room truly mine. A couple of wall decor items, storage solutions, and sea shells fit the bill nicely.

More storage = more happiness. This metal cart is perfect for storing all of my weird art supplies, paint, and rolls of contact paper in one spot. The fact that I can roll it over to wherever I'm working is also a plus! This little art cart is one of my best purchases.

What room would be complete without a little cat hair? The papasan princess strikes again in her favorite chair, which provides a great little nook for reading downstairs. I can curl up with a good book, a blanket, and still manage to monitor laundry in this spot.

Have I mentioned how much I love storage solutions? These bins provide a little pop of interest while also providing a ton of functionality. I can squirrel away a ton of unsightly junk that you need easy access to. Right now, these are stuffed with extra decor items that I haven't found a place for, candles, fabric, and eletronic goodies.

I also needed a rug down in the office (remember the kitty litter discussion during the rec room makeover?), so I brought this indoor/outdoor rug downstairs, and it fills the space nicely, eliminating the chances of kitty litter being stuck to the bottoms of bare feet. Plus, it warms up the space nicely, and it helps it feel less like a basement room. Toasty feet help any room feel like a normal part of the house!

And of course, the desk space was high up on the priority list. This beast needed a good part of the room to call its own, and in this corner, it fills the space perfectly while being totally functional.

And we can't forget the whale! He had to have his own place as well, and swimming right alongside the desk worked out perfectly.

I ended up changing the "entryway" to have a little more function by switching out the lamp (that hadn't been plugged in) with this 9 compartment shelf. 

If anyone needs to leave their keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc during a party, they can put everything into a compartment, and grab it on their way out (and grab their jacket on the way). 

This space is clearly not finished yet, but it's getting there! I just have to move some extra pieces of furniture out of the room, organize a little bit, & it'll be ready to go!

I'm really excited to finally have the space I need for all of my project and filing needs. I can turn on some Netflix on the TV, hole punch some bills, and paint all in the same space without feeling crowded.

This Wednesday, keep an eye out for a full source guide for this room. You'll be able to shop my style with ease with online links, store listings, and more!

Now I just have to finish up the guest room dresser and get back to doing smaller projects!


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