Winter Project Planning

I'll admit it: I have fallen way behind on real projects lately. It's definitely not due to a lack of availability or opportunity, I've just been extremely busy with other life stuff, and my little hobby/passion/dream fell a bit behind on the To Do list.

But no more! I have a (tentative) plan. And included in that plan is selling some projects over at my little shop to allow for more projects in the future. This way I can keep doing what I love without making our house an episode of Hoarders.

(Imagine an overstuffed storage unit with a couch, a dresser, a filing cabinet, a dining set, some Sterilite bins, a bed....etc)

Also included in that plan is a long list of projects I've been meaning to get done. With a lot more time on my hands with my new job, I can actually start getting these done!

  • Purging every floor of the house
  • Drexel Dining Set Reveal
  • Breakfast nook dining set
  • Coffee table revival
  • Bathroom makeover (finally- quite possibly the longest project on the face of the planet)
  • Hobby Cabinet update
  • Laundry room cleanup
  • Bedroom organization
  • Closet organization
  • Boot rack
So hopefully very soon, more furniture makeovers will be in full swing, and room reveals will be in the works. I'm also on the hunt for a few new pieces (some selfishly, some for others). Hopefully I'll be able to locate them soon & add them to the list.

Currently, I'm on the hunt for:
  • Two matching nightstands: for us
  • Another buffet style dresser or two (I know. The Craigslist ones. More on that later): one for us, one for Mom
  • Two - four matching farmhouse style chairs: for the breakfast set
  • Hope chest: for a friend
So I'm off to get some of this taken care of!


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