Dining Room in Distress: Planning

Our dining room is always a hot mess. Between the cat food & toys, junk mail covering the table, and coats being thrown over every chair, it's become this massive drop zone that couldn't function as a dining space if it wanted to.

That needs to change, now.

I've made plans to re-do the dining set at some point this spring/summer (I never revealed the original makeover because I just never felt like it was right), and I've started drawing up plans to make this space a fully functional space.

  • Drink station- I'd really like to start drinking more smoothies this year. I love them, but I never want to break out the blender & chop everything up. Maybe if I have a designated area for them, I'll be more inclined to actually make them... This is my hastily drawn sketch of the wall I'd like above the kitchen cart for this. Ignore the mass of scribbles at the top (haha).

    This pin is my inspiration, but there's no way I'm going to spend over $100 on that shelving unit!! The Keurig will also be replaced by a personal sized blender, but you get the idea. I just like the simplicity of it. Some art here, a few mugs there....

    Source: Pinterest
  • DIY storage bins- Our kitchen cart has open shelving on one side, and a closed door section on the other. This would be great if I could keep those shelves clean & organized, but between the newspapers we keep for the firepit, the box of Swiffer pads, and the other random junk that's accumulated, it has started to look like the rest of the room- a junk station.

    I'm planning on making some nice wooden storage bins to corral the clutter & store extra mugs (for those smoothies I'll be drinking). I'm thinking about making them out of yard sticks to add some interest, but we'll see.
    Source: Pinterest
  • Wall art- For some strange reason, our kitchen has become a weird mix of items that scream I didn't know where else to put this, so it ended up here. Unacceptable, especially when you consider that this is a main part of the house.
    This space needs to feel cohesive to the rest of the main floor, which won't be an issue once I take everything off of the walls tonight to help better plan for the new/replacement pieces. There is one wall in particular that has several permanent fixtures on it that need to be worked around, but once everything is rearranged, they should blend right in.
  • Dining set- After doing our dining set once, I know how to go about it better. I'm planning on doing a neutral pallet so that it can be used as-is in a house when we move out of the apartment. Think creams & beige tones with a dark stained top.
Not a very long list, but one that will make a big impact! There are sure to be several DIY projects to come (I've already started on the "DRINK" sign for the smoothie/coffee station), so stay tuned!

Here's a sneak peek at that sign I'm making- the letters are finished now, though. Just waiting on some hooks & she'll be done!


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