Medieval to Modern: Giant Key Makeover

For quite some time, I've been half-heartedly looking for some giant key decor for our home. I had seen this picture long ago in my Pinterest feed, and fell in love. Problem was that her key was a) really expensive, and b) out of stock anyways (I did find the "hello" sign for our entryway at Hobby Lobby though- after about 3 years of trying to find it).

Pinterest is drowning in pictures like these, and I figured that if I ever ran across a key I liked while I was out thrifting or shopping around, I'd be able to find a place for it on a gallery wall or in our entryway.

When I was looking for these inspiration photos, I actually came across this pin, which showed my keys, complete with a third tiny key. Now, hot pink is definitely not what I was picturing for my pair, but I'm sure that someone out there was ecstatic to buy these.

When Hannah picked my two keys up in the Salvation Army to show Allie and I, she totally was suggesting them as a joke. But, me being the weirdo I am asked, "How much are those? I'm sure we can do something to them..."

With a $1.99 price tag on each, I figured, what the hey, if they turn out horrendously, it's a measly $4 down the drain. But that silly little lion sold me on them. That, and their size. They're truly gigantic! Even the small one is about two feet long, maybe 10" wide at the widest part.

So I brought out the old cardboard sheet, laid the keys out, and got a can of white spray paint out for a base coat, not really having a plan in mind for a color after that.

I quickly sprayed them down, still mulling ideas over in my head. I put on some Netflix, and after a few episodes worth of being in a blanket burrito, checked on the status of the base coat.

What I didn't expect was that I'd actually like how they looked. Unfortunately, you can't really see what they look like in person in these photos- they are far from being a flat white.

I was a bit worried about them blending into the white walls once they were hung up, but they actually stand out quite well. The way the spray paint hit certain areas made them have a grey shadowy tone, which looks pretty cool against the plain white walls.

I haven't decided on where to hang these yet, or what to hang them with, but they can both be hung any way I'd like, since there are two hooks on the back of each key. I like that they don't take up a lot of space visually, especially when you're simply passing by, but still help complete a gallery wall.

I may be re-doing another wall in the living room soon so that Aaron can have some of his stuff out without it feeling just thrown onto the wall like it feels now. The keys may end up in that mix, but we'll see. There are still plenty of changes that need to happen around here, so I'm sure they'll find a home soon!

Another upcoming project will be my own version of this sign. This thing weighed about a pound, and the place wanted $45 for it (after major discounts & tax)! There was no way I'd spend that, especially not when I knew I could easily make several of them for that price.

Have any suggestions of how to go about making this sign/where to get supplies? Any suggestions for additional words I could make on the other two pieces of wood I have? Each piece is a little over 2.5' long, 10" wide.

I'm thinking about maybe making a coffee/smoothie drink station in our dining room, so maybe "cheers" would be a good option? Send your thoughts my way by commenting here, on the Facebook page, or in an email!

See you soon!


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