Quick n Easy: Repurposed Dresser Drawer

Chance are, you've seen this done before. Chances are, it's self-explanatory. And chances are, you could probably find a use for this no matter the size of your house, how much storage you already have, or how silly you might think this idea is.

Under-the-bed (or any other piece of furniture) storage drawers. Versatile, sturdy, and way more stylish than those cheap fabric ones you can buy at any old dollar store.

Today we are going to use a whopping 3 supplies, and about 5-30 minutes of your time, depending on whether you'd like to paint your drawer front or not. A truly Quick n Easy project.

Supply list:
  • Dresser drawers
    Make sure these are drawers that you'll never use in their original purpose or piece of furniture. I picked mine up on the side of the road for free, and squirreled the extra hardware from the other two busted drawers for future projects.

  • Small caster wheels (4)
    I used these 1 1/2" casters from Home Depot, but if you'd like the wheels to be part of your design, they have several different styles & sizes. Just remember that this will most likely need to fit under a piece of existing furniture, so you'll be limited size-wise unless you want this to be a free-standing & open storage option.

  • Small screws (16)
    These need to be big enough to anchor your casters to the bottom of your drawer, but not too long where they stick out into the drawer itself. Unfortunately, my drawer bottom was ridiculously thin, so my screws stick up into the drawer by quite some length. Luckily mine won't be storing anything I have to worry about getting scratched up.
  • Paint, contact paper, or other surface re-finisher (optional)
    If you want to spruce up your drawer front, pick whatever paint or surface covering you'd like and slap it on there! This is where the 30 minute time line comes in- drying paint or stain can take a few minutes! But sometimes, you really need to cover up the original state of your drawers... case in point:

If you are refinishing your drawer front, that will need to be done before the following steps.
  1. Flip your dresser drawer over so that the bottom is facing the ceiling.
  2. Place each caster in the corners of the bottom of your drawer.
  3. Use the holes int the caster plate as a guide to screw each wheel into place into place.
That's it. You're done. Flip that thing over and start filling it with blankets, magazines, remotes, controllers, anything, slip it under the bed, couch, TV stand, or anything else, and wah-bam,



I originally picked my drawer up to keep the cat out of the dust cover underneath the futon (he has torn several massive holes in it to create the ultimate cat hammock), but with the casters, it was going to be too tall. 

I instead decided to just use it underneath the TV stand for the tissue box, some magazines, and other junk that otherwise would hog the coffee table. The tool set & window fan are currently preventing 'Prince Abubu' from getting yelled at and dragged out of the dust cover by his scruff.

Bad kitty.


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