Quick N Easy: Making a Matching Set from Mis-matched Misfits

Have you ever noticed when you're watching HGTV that everyone's vases, kitchen decor, and small little details match each other? Especially the dining room table centerpieces?

I know I have, and it drove me crazy for the longest time. There is just no way that you can find those types of sets on a budget; it's nearly impossible to find a small set that matches, let alone a full blown package deal. We have a 10-person dining table, so I need big sets to dress up our table for the holidays. Two little vases aren't going to cut it.

Then I had a stroke of simple genius. I paint everything else, why couldn't I paint myself a matching set of what I wanted? I never even stopped to think: "paint."

I knew I wanted something fresh, something light, and something that could easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. I noticed a trend in the centerpieces I always found myself "oohing" & "ahhing" over: candle sticks & unconventional vases (basically anything that wasn't glass).

So I stopped into my local Salvation Army, where I typically stop once a week. I've made friends with one of the gentlemen there, and he always takes an interest in my newest endeavor. When I mentioned that I was looking for wooden candlesticks, I didn't expect that I'd get the set I wanted for months.

But the next week I stopped in, Ed had saved me 8 mismatched sticks as they had been donated (somehow 2 of them aren't in this picture...oops). At $0.79 a piece, the price couldn't be beat, and 6 of them had the same basic shape. These would be perfect!

I now had a full tablescape of candlesticks for holidays, dinner parties, and other special occasions. They just needed a little TLC. A little paint & antiquing wax later, and bam. They all match! This set cost me a whopping $6.78 after tax.

Next on the list was a matching set of 4-5 vases, also for tablescape purposes. I had an outline of what I wanted:

-I wanted something that could be out year round and not look out of place or seasonal in any way.
-I wanted them to be easily interchangeable with any flower of my choice, and I didn't want glass.
-I wanted a little bit of farmhouse charm without it looking like a piece of junk I picked up on the side of the road.

Hannah and I had gone to another one of the Salvation Army locations and I picked up a huge batch of goodies, including these two ceramic milk jugs for just $0.59 a piece (you can see them hanging out in the basket on the far right).

I knew that I could make the two work when the table wasn't extended, but since they were on the smaller side, I was still on the hunt for at least two more.

Here comes Ed to the rescue again. I stopped in the next day, and as if he had read my mind, he said, "I saw these and thought you might be able to do something with them," and handed me three ceramic milk jugs, all about the same size as my other two (and he saved me a milk glass vase since he had noticed I'd been stocking up on them lately)!

A quick coat of flat white spray paint, and voila! A matching set of farmhouse vases, good for any flower, any occasion, and any budget! This set cost $3.16 after tax- not bad for a centerpiece that can hang out all year round!

Coming up here soon, I'll have a tutorial on wax paper transfers, so you can put any image onto your wood projects! There will also be a free printable with the tutorial so that you can personalize your own kitchen items with some farmhouse flair.

See you then!


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