About Me

Hey all! I'm Alexis, a 20-something year old DIY-er, thrifting fanatic, museum worker, and home blogger. I'm a midwest city dweller with mid-century, boho, eclectic taste & a townhouse apartment.

This little blog is all about DIY, home improvement tips (yes, even in a rental!), tricks, & tutorials, and furniture flips. Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere :) I'm glad you've stopped by, and hope that you enjoy your stay!

Here at Eve & Theo, you'll often hear about these two little demons, Abu & Sarabi.


You'll also hear a lot about these two hooligans, Allie & Hannah. They're two of my very best friends, and both contribute to the blog in one way or another.


They're sometimes the decision makers when I'm stuck on a design plan, or the wallet wranglers when I'm staring at yet another chair that has a cane back detail. They tolerate the crazy ramblings of projects-to-be & projects-in-progress (we all have that one really long drawn out project, right?). They get drug to about a hundred thrift & resale shops a week (and never complain!!), and they sometimes even help with the project itself.

And lastly, you'll sometimes hear about Aaron. He's the only reason this blog is possible most days; not very many people could tolerate how much furniture circulates through our house on a daily basis, let alone live in it!

Aaron & Sarabi
He's the one that stubs his toe on the extra coffee table in the living room, the one that cleans up the clutter around all the big stuff, the one that reminds me that we actually DO have to do the dishes (because the dishwasher fairies do not live in our apartment).

I hope you enjoy your time on the site!

If you have any questions about any of the posts or projects, feel free to contact me via email or message me on the Facebook page!

See you soon :)


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