Free Kitchen Printables (for wax paper transfer)

Hello all! 

As promised, here are your free kitchen printables! I'm still figuring out this whole "create a download link" thing in Blogger, so for now, you'll have to save these the "old school" way and right-click and choose the "Save image as" option.

I'll figure it out once I start making free printables a regular thing around here, I promise! I've even already reversed the images so that you don't have to. Just save, print, and transfer (if you missed our post on how to do this, check out the tutorial here)! And since they are JPEG files, you can easily re-size them in Paint to your needs.

Most of these print out to be around 7" wide, 3" tall. The bread one is 10" wide and 6" tall for use on a bread box.

If there are any other words you'd like added to this collection, let me know & I can whip up an extra printable for everyone & tack it on to the end of this post in no time.

Happy Monday! :) See you soon!


  1. Could you possibly add "spices" "tea" to this list? Thanks!!

    1. Sure thing! Check them out, and let me know if you need help re-sizing them at all!

    2. *they'll be up in a few mins :)

  2. I love this idea! When you make the tea label could you make one for pasta and garlic and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
    the possibilities are endless- excited to see what other prints you come up with! maybe you could do a post with kitchen phrases, too for framed prints or transfers. Just a thought :)

  3. Sure! I'll have to do it tonight when I write the new post :) Sorry I didn't see your request sooner!


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