Join Me at the Museum!

Last days for this deal! Ends June 1, 2016!

Hey all!

Do you have any plans for this summer? Perhaps you're going out of state, or visiting family, or going on a quick little road trip. Do you have a plan as to what to do while you're out? If not (and even if you do) I may be able to help you better plan!

Meet my friend, Jane. She hangs out with me the 4 days a week I'm here at the museum, and she's a pretty special lady. She's been all over the world because everyone wants to meet her!

She and her friend, Homer (below), keep me company & entertain all the school groups & adults that come to visit!

We also have three other floors worth of exhibits including
  • What the local area looked like in different periods of time (did you know squid lived here?)
  • Native American exhibits
  • Wildlife exhibits
  • Paleontology exhibits (that means more dinos)
  • Geology exhibits
  • Paleo viewing lab (you can watch lab techs work on our new dinos!!)
  • Bio viewing lab (you can watch lab techs work on animals & insects!)

Jane isn't even our only rare dinosaur! We also have Pearl here, who is an Oviraptorosaur (how cool is that?!) from Montana (that's where Jane's from)! She's been called the "Parrot on Steroids." Read more about her here, and come visit her at the museum!

You may be wondering why I think this can help you with your summer plans... well let me tell you something to get you excited: our memberships are on sale for $55 until June 1, 2016.

Now don't stop reading, this isn't some chintzy sponsored post, this is something I really do believe in (that's why they call me the Membership Coordinator).

So here's the "deets"....
  • A Burpee Membership gets you free admission to not only our exhibits for a whole year, but to 300+ OTHER museums world-wide (primarily in the USA). These include some popular museums near us such as:
    • Chicago Field Museum (IL)
    • Chicago Science & Industry Museum (IL)
    • Adler Planetarium (IL)
    • Milwaukee Public Museum (WI)
    • Madison Children's Museum (WI)
  • There are several options for membership (regular prices shown)
  • If you qualify for a Senior (63+), Military, or Educator discount, you'll receive $10 off your membership price (that means the family membership would only be $45 for you!!!)!
  • Being a Burpee member gets you special benefits!
    • ASTC membership -this is where all those free museums come from. Check out the full listing here! The only museum that doesn't apply to this is the Discovery Center, as they're the only museum within 90 miles of our facility. That means every other museum on that list is free!
    • 10% off in the Collector's Shop Gift Store here at Burpee
    • Exclusive member events & reveals

If you don't live in the Rockford area, no worries! We mail out our memberships weekly, and you can sign up by calling or checking out online!

All money from the memberships goes straight into our museum. This means more research, more expeditions (see how you can go with on a dig), and most importantly, more exhibits (that means more dinos)!

Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page if you have any questions at all; I'm the girl to talk to! And make sure to check out the museum's Facebook page as well! Shoot them a like & check out all of the cool events we've had in the past.

Not to brag, but we're pretty rad.


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