Old World Study- Rec Room Inspiration

Our rec room is in need of some serious love, you guys. It has gone from super mess, to beach hang out, to nautical office, back to super mess storage pile. 

Our extra dining chairs, some project chairs, some boxes, and other project supplies have just piled up along the walls, leaving a path through to the laundry room, but not much more.

Before last night, I could not even begin to guess at the last time it had been vacuumed (gross). 

But, good news! I've started to clean it out, and put together how I'd like the room to look (again, because things hardly ever stay the same around here for long).

I'm thinking about a lightened up version of an old world study. Think bookcases, curvy furniture, apothecary cabinets, curio cabinets, & secretary desks.

Think geodes on display, anatomical studies hung on the walls, and other oddities scattered throughout the room.

I already have a set of chairs and a settee that I'd like to make into a mismatched set using French Grey Linen & whitewashed wood framing. I don't have a picture of my settee on hand, but it's fairly similar to this one (even that awful bright color). And you know I didn't pay $1800 for a lumpy cushioned settee, no sirree Bob.

This is the current state of the other chairs I intend on using. I have an almost identical chair to the mustard monstrosity below waiting to be re-done (the one pictured has already been refinished and is currently in the mid-century inspired room). The new one has a little more curve in the arms, so it'll fit nicely in the "set."

Another piece of thrifted furniture I own that's begging for a makeover for this room is my secretary's desk. I got this little gem for $10! Usually on Craigslist around here they go for around $250, so I'd call that a victory (even if it is laminate).

So there's the plan- a cozy old world space with a lighter modern twist. I'm waiting to pick up the upholstery fabric for the chairs, and I'm figuring out how I want to refinish the desk, and I'm almost done with the apothecary cabinet, so I'm on my way! 

Lots of things to do to get this room done for summer hang-outs when it's just too hot to stay upstairs.

See you soon!


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