Bathroom Reveal

Hey! So I know I'm totally late on this post; my bad. Good thing that this is a pretty blah post, right? Nothing too exciting, so no harm, no foul!

About a million years ago, I bought some new stuff for our bathroom. It just hadn't been a room that looked put together in any way, shape or form, and after being here this long, I didn't feel that one of our most utilized spaces should look like we moved in yesterday.

So now that all of my items have arrived and have been put in their respective places, this is what the bathroom looks like now!

I am trying to figure out a good window covering that allows the breeze to come through without the bottom flying up when you're sitting/standing right there (plus, mini-blinds are hideous), so you'll have to bear with me on the window right now. And the tree caused some bizarre shadows, but that's what you get with natural light, I suppose.

And do us all a favor and ignore the hideous brass Hollywood light fixture. I haven't found a way to take the plate off the wall to update it with some spray paint, but it desperately needs it.

**If you're looking to achieve a similar look, each picture has a source listing below so that you can have an equally airy & bright bathroom to wake up & visit each day. Some items were thrifted or were one-of-a-kind, but I've included links to similar items if possible. There are also several links scattered throughout the post.

Now I know that it's "just a bathroom," but when you think about it, it's almost as much of a "central hub" in your house as your kitchen is when it comes to having guests visit.

Do you really want your bathroom to look like a hot mess of towels, hair products, makeup, and hair ties? I'd certainly hope not.

And do you want the first thing you see every morning to be the same hot mess of Kleenex, personal products, heat tools, and first aid items? Probably not.

But a bathroom that's clean & bright, and most importantly, functional? Now that's what I'm talking about! Ours is still in progress (but only just barely), but you can definitely get the feel for the space here.

Guests can find all the essentials they need (toilet paper, hand soap, lotion, hand towels, and Kleenex) with a quick sweep of the room. We can hide all of our  my morning supplies away in the white cabinet, stash spare clean towels in the wooden tote, and tuck all of our cleaning supplies underneath the sink.

Now if you remember what our old bathroom mirror looked like (and the hole behind it), you know that this simple square Ikea mirror is a big upgrade. And for under $40, it makes a huge impact.

These shelves are simply perfect for this room. They help tone down the bright blue hue while adding function and style to the space. Gotta love Target! I still need to figure out how to get that last anchor out of the wall so that I can fill and paint the hole, but right now it'll be alright.

Another couple of Target wins are the toothbrush holder & toilet paper basket. All perfectly white!

You know that the "poop deck" sign had to be put back in here... my "ship happens" one is still on standby.

Milk glass & jars are so multi-functional, it's ridiculous. They can serve as storage, decoration, or both! Most of mine were thrifted at Salvation Army & various garage sales, but you can easily find them elsewhere. Mason jars and milk glass are my current weaknesses, but I love our little stocky ones, too.

This milk glass vase is the perfect size for the shelves to add a few fresh flowers and add life to the room, while my milk glass cigarette box is perfect for hiding tools such as tweezers and nail clippers.

I resisted buying white towels for way too long, fearing they'd always look filthy. But, with the epiphany that bleach exists for exactly that reason, I bought these on sale on the Kohl's website for less than $3/each!

They're soft & so easy to clean, and they really help the bathroom seem bright, versus our old grey towels (now demoted to "if there aren't any clean white ones" status).

This shark jaw might be my favorite part of the room. I bought this guy on Etsy and took a while to figure out how to hang it so that it looked like it was floating (I've since hidden the tail ends of the dental floss I used to hang it), but it adds a bit of "flair" to the room.

And this handpainted & woodburned plaque from Salvation Army was just too cool to pass up for $0.79! I think it fits right in with all of the other quirky things I have going on in our house.

These teeny little anchors & this thrifted ship wheel add the finishing touches on this nautical-meets-farmhouse bathroom.

I had originally thought about painting the wheel white, but it adds a little color to this side of the room. I got lucky with a $5.99 Salvation Army price tag (just need to glue the last peg back in), but if you're looking for something similar, check Etsy or Home Goods for sure!

Now the bathroom can look like it belongs with the rest of the house, as well as look like some thought went into the pieces.

Let me know what you think!


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