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Hello & Welcome!

Two years ago, this little blog started out as "Chirp!" and has evolved into something so much bigger. When we first started, this was a DIY journey through our early 20s, and we focused around the furniture that I was refinishing for our own home. There were glimpses into our everyday lives, the struggles that came with moving out on our own, and plenty of big DIY projects.

Picking up my first project, 2014

Now, we not only refinish furniture for our place, but we do custom pieces for the locals, and have small collections of vintage, unique, or downright funky items available to be purchased nationwide. I never thought I'd turn this hobby of mine into a small (tiny) scale business, but here we are!

Here at Eve & Theo, we focus mainly on vintage & farmhouse style pieces, thrifting like maniacs, and of course, DIY tips & tutorials. We are always open for suggestions, questions, and comments on our posts, and encourage you to engage in the experience.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and hope to see you back for a return visit.

See you soon!


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