What's Up Wednesday::01

Hey all,

In an attempt to keep better updated on here, I am creating another new series. Hopefully this and Thrifty Thursdays will become staples here on the blog & our content will be more up-to-date!

My goal for this series is to allow you guys to see that even when I'm not posting a lot, a lot is still happening here at Eve & Theo, even if it is just in the background.

I don't plan on this being an "every week" kind of series, but knowing that that's a possibility might keep me more motivated to finish long-term/larger projects.

We have been super busy lately. As in less-than-a-month-before-Allie's-wedding busy, trying to tie all the loose ends, and it has taken over my craft life.

We are making all of her decorations ourselves (mostly myself), and since I am the entire wedding party, I've had no help getting everything together. Pair that with the typical wishy-washiness of a bride-to-be & you have a recipe for last minute planning.

I will be making a Thrifty Thursday post on all of her wedding decor goodies, but here's what I've been working on for the last 9 months or so (mostly the last two months or so):

  • Collecting & washing milk glass for serving food & drink, decor purposes, flower arrangements
  • Designing & executing wedding decor in general. I went with the ever-so-popular burlap, mason jar, and chalkboard plan. Easy to DIY, and easy on the wallet. This is a budget wedding.
  • Creating food labels, instructional plaques, cute book quote signs (this is Allie we're talking abut here), guest book ideas, etc
  • Finalizing all rentals. Chairs, tents, tablecloths, tables, wedding arch...
  • Making floral appointments
  • Dress fittings & adjustments
  • Creating a menu that serves a lot of people for cheap (snack & dessert menu only, afternoon wedding)
  • Making her wedding unique
In between all of this hubub, we also had her bachelorette trip, which was a nice change of scenery. We stayed in a couple specialty hotels in Galena & Savanna, Illinois for a B&B vibe that would take us away from all the craziness, but not too far away from home.

For anyone looking for a clean, beautiful, and affordable getaway, I insist that you go to the Blue Bedroom Inn in Savanna, IL. I have gone on two separate occasions, and absolutely love it. It's right along the Mississippi River in a small town, about a half hour away from Galena. The Mississippi Palisades are out there too, and the views are incredible at sunset.

I have been working on so many projects, but just have not had the time to sit down and write; plus, we want her decor to be a surprise for the most part, so the reveal would have to be after October 2, anyhow!

So that's what's been going on lately around here, and why our activity has been kind of low. We'll be back up and running in a few weeks though with plenty of posts on her wedding decor, new projects I've been doing on the side, and projects I haven't even started yet.

See you soon!


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