Thrifty Thursday 07: MCM Bedroom Set

Hey all!
It's been a pretty uneventful thrifting week, as I've been cleaning & keeping myself busy.

I did score a fantastic bedroom set from Craigslist, complete with bed frame, lowboy (with mirror), and tall boy dresser. The seller does professional clean-outs, and had some back story on the pieces, which is always interesting to me. The set belonged to a Vietnam veteran, who happened to be a paper hoarder.

Lucky for me, that meant stacks of newspaper & junk mail covering the tops of these since 1967, leaving them in pristine condition.

Unlucky for me, that also meant that the weight of those stacks weakened the integrity of the legs on both dressers, completely weakening the tallboy. This should be an easy fix with some new top plates & some LocTite, but I'll worry about all that next spring when they both get refinished in the dark walnut or American walnut stains I already have throughout the house.

For now, the low boy will be the perfect replacement for the Thomasville, as it is much smaller, and much lighter to move around.
When we have a house of our own, this set will be the perfect guest room set-up, and eventually, kid set-up. There is a small section of veneer that will need some repair, but once everything has been refinished, you'll hardly notice.

Unfortunately, I didn't save the photos of the bed frame from Craigslist before she took the post down, but I wasn't originally planning on taking it. When I arrived to check them out, she said that if I wanted to take it, I could have that for the same price, since she wasn't going to do anything with it (super nice, considering she'd already lowered the price of the set). Extra score!

And extra EXTRA score, check out these screenshots I saved from Pinterest. I've got some mean thrifting game.

Well don't those look familiar...?

Now just because they were mass produced doesn't mean that they're worthless. In fact, these puppies are actually worth quite a pretty penny.

Just another step towards our house being the MCM dream I have in my head!

[UPDATE]: I wasn't planning on working on these at all until spring, but you know I couldn't help myself, so the set is well on its way to being done!


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