Thrifty Thursday 08: Spotted in Our Area

All in all, this month has been pretty mellow on the DIY front. Between focusing on school, going to work, and having a social life, there hasn't been a whole lot of motivation to get down & use some serious elbow grease.

But that doesn't mean I haven't had some fantastic opportunities this month to thrift like a boss. People in town have been offering up some seriously good stuff at incredible prices. If I had a workspace, money, & time, I'd have all of these by now, mid-refinish, waiting for me when I left my 9-5. Unfortunately, I neither have the workspace or the money, so any amount of time I do have is moot. But check these screaming deals out:

Antique Secretary Desk (project piece, Winter 2016)

Two Eames DAW Rocking Chairs (reproduction) originally $125 each (received like-new, no work needed)

Ward Furniture Louvered Bedroom Set $150 (purchased, in progress fall 2016)

Mid Century Dining Set with leaves & 4 chairs $64 (missed it by THAT much)

Mid century coffee table/bench $149 (jury is still out....Black Friday sale is coming up)

Set of (4) spade back dining chairs $80 (purchased, awaiting reupholstery 2016/2017)

I can't begin to tell you how much I've been dying to do that dining set. I have the fabric in stock from when I worked at Hancock, I have the stain I'd use, I have the tools.... I just don't have the set. It kills me.

When I first saw it, it was listed on CL for $120. I went to see it, and it was listed for $92. When I checked on it this week to test the chairs, it was $64. This thing was just BEGGING me to take it home, until someone else took it out form under me (not happy about that at all, let me tell you).

What kills me the most is that I could have had the perfect mismatched 8 person dining set between those 4 spade back chairs & the 4 that came with the table....Lord knows I have enough fabric to make each set of 4 match, and have the separate sets feel like they belong together with the power of neutrals....Sigh.

Mid century dining sets are drool-worthy. They're simple, clean, and sophisticated. I have yet to come across one that looks like the one I wanted, but they're all equally wonderful.

And those rocking chairs? To. Die. For. I see pictures of these in all kinds of settings on Pinterest, and they are impossible not to love. Comfortable, stylish, and useful for years to come? Sign me up.

That desk makes me think of when I thought I was going to refinish that laminate beast earlier this year, and I was drooling over Joanna Gaines's.... Yes please!
These seemingly "unfinished" wood pieces are gorgeous, and so simple. Super light stain, a few coats of sealant... boom.
The one I'll be working on has some serious wobbly problems, but I'm hoping I can fix that with some reinforcement metal & glue. I plan to sand it down to see the naked wood & hope I don't have to stain it dark to hide major imperfections.

And of course, the bedroom set. What an investment piece I have on my hands. First, it'll be a sideboard, then a guest bedroom set, then a nursery set (hello non-traditional changing table), then a kid's set. Hallelujah! A set that has a purpose for decades to come, and years more of stories to live through.

Pictures of those pieces will come soon when the entire set is done. I have yet to finish the mirror, bed frame, and lowboy frame. The tallboy & lowboy drawers are all done though. Here's a sneak peek of what I have so far.... Dark Walnut slays me every time!

I'll keep you updated on the progress of the few project pieces I've got going, and hopefully have plenty more coming for the winter season. 

Catch you on the flip side!


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