What's Up Wednesday:: 04

Hey folks! What's up?

For me lately, it's been my temperature; I've been sick for the whole month of October after Allie's wedding. Let me tell you, it has not been much of a joy ride.

I haven't gotten a single planned project done since that tall-boy dresser. But I have started a new, relaxing hobby that's helped me feel like I'm accomplishing something- I've started making candles and wax melts!

It gets a bit messy at times, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I've started taking custom orders through our Facebook page, and have even started listing them on Etsy (though I'm still figuring out the platform).

Other than that, I've been sleeping, working, going to school, and watching Netflix (I finished both Haven & Scandal....suggestions anyone?) while I'm drugged up on cold & flu meds.  You can always tell when I'm sick because all of a sudden, there's a TV in our bedroom....and on the new dresser, even (gasp of horror and utter disbelief)!

It's been a quiet month around here to say the least. I've been quite lazy and bored, but I'm ready to start setting up for Frendsgiving & getting the house into a good cozy zone for when friends & family stop by to visit & hang out.

Tomorrow I'll show you the few thrifting scores I've had this month, and hopefully give an update on a couple rooms of the house. In the meantime, I'm going to organize my orders & get ready for some serious candle making this weekend!


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