What's Up Wednesday::06 Personal Update

Hey all,

I know I haven't been posting here at all lately. Most of my posts have been dedicated to the likes of Instagram & the Facebook page (and even that feels neglected these days).

I haven't forgotten about this little blog, I've just been super busy during the day, and when I do have a chance to sit down & write, my body basically just melts into the couch and my brain shuts off entirely.

I haven't started the "Spark Joy" challenge I mentioned last time quite yet, but I have been getting rid of quite of bit almost on a weekly basis with my typical methods. I opened up an Etsy shop for the things I didn't want to donate or just trash, and am testing the selling waters there before I rent a vendor's booth locally.

I'm hoping that this week, I'll finally finish cleaning up the basement room so that I can basically make it a mini "stock-room" for all of the items I would like to sell both online & eventually in the booth. I'll test Etsy through the fall, and then hopefully open a booth October-December in time for the holiday shopping season.

The "stock room" will also serve as my elliptical room so that I can start working on myself as well as the house. I have terrible knees and hips from my cross country days, and need to strengthen the muscles in those regions so I can eventually take leisurely jogs again (when you live near two parks with bike paths for miles, it kind of kills you to know you can't run on them because while you're only 23, your body thinks it's 90).

I also started a new professional position, which has been where most of my time has been spent. I've still retained my position at Burpee for the time being (on Saturdays), but I find that it really drains me working 6 days a week while also trying to keep up on doing the things that I love.

I'm still trying to find the balance, and we're getting there, but my body is still adjusting to the new schedule (which is earlier than my previous one). By summer, I hope to have phased out of Burpee so I can have my weekends to do other activities. I'd stay on as last minute event staff, but I wouldn't be there regularly.

I'll try to make regular posts about my weekly/monthly thrift hauls, as I've been doing them on IG more regularly, but writing these posts takes a little more effort & time than just snapping a picture and sending it to "my story" haha. Again, we'll get there. In the meantime, you can always find me at Instagram @evelynandtheodore to watch the stories & keep up on posts.

I'll also try to make it a point to clue you guys in to sales over on the Etsy page & keep you updated on when Flash Sales will be happening over on IG (right now there's an IG exclusive sale going on for my birthday- head over to our page & follow us for details & the coupon code).

I am in the middle of a couple decently sized projects right now, so I'm hoping to have reveals here soon. One is just waiting for good weather to return, and the other is just me taking too long to style the room (ahem...clean the room).... I'm hoping to have the reveal done next week, but we know how that goes- no promises! Just have to keep myself from melting into the couch immediately when I get home or getting distracted by other cleaning projects... ;)

Well, until next time...


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