Thrifty Thursday 11: Broyhill Brasilia

You guys. Something incredible happened recently.

I found it. I mean IT. I found a Brasilia 2-piece hutch in the wild. For under $150. In excellent condition.

Say whaaaaaaat?!

Also, side note: Why do we say "in the wild," as if they're wildebeests stampeding around the Serengeti, narrowly escaping us by jumping off of insane heights? I mean, I love the image, but it's also quite comical. Anyways...

I walked into Salvation Army, prepared to buy more stock for the Etsy page, and then this happened. I stood there and stared at this small hutch for a while, debating getting it for the sheer fact that I could use it in a booth if I ever get around to getting one.

The price at $25 seemed like a good deal, since I'd just gotten rid of the Garrison in the storage unit for $150. Small, sturdy, and simple could really work for displaying my milk glass or candles.
But then... THEN... I saw her, standing in the back, winking at me from across the room.

I said goodbye to the small little display case, and did that awkward walk/jog that you do in parking lots when a car is trying to get through and you're crossing to get to the door. I didn't even look at the tag before throwing the top drawer open to reveal that, yes, this was what I dreamt it would be.

Then I panned up to the tag, expecting the very worst. I had images of $300-500 in my head, that someone in the back knew what this gorgeous beast was really worth, while also knowing they'd never get the full price at a Salvation Army.

First I looked at the date: 4/1/17. Oh God, she'd been there for 3 days. She didn't have much longer if I were to leave her there, we were already almost half a week in at this point.

I looked at the description: 2 piece china cabinet. They didn't know what she was, they really had no idea.

The price? $129.99. Cue heart attack of pure happiness. Then, what any "sane" person would do:
  • Check wallet. See only $30 in cash.
  • Call the nicest Grandma in the world to request a one day birthday cash advance for the rest & risk looking like a crazy person.
  • Meet said nicest Grandma in ten minutes after guarding the Brasilia like a hawk, pay the ridiculously low price, and take her on home.

Now you're probably saying, "Um. I don't get it- that's expensive." Well... not when you consider this listing for over $1500, this listing for $1250, and this listing for $1500 (for just the bottom piece).

And on top of it all, the previous owners clearly weren't smokers. No grime, no smell, no must. Just the scent of old wood- nothing a little sunshine & activated charcoal can't handle (and the scent is so light, even that isn't needed in my opinion)!

The contact paper that the previous owner had laid in popped up like a dream, no resistance whatsoever- they never actually stuck it to the wood (thank god for good people in this world), so it didn't damage a single part of it, but it protected the wood all the same.

I have already laid down some new rubber shelf liner down in the drawers & tossed the old contact paper to keep the wood protected, and scooted this beauty into our home. Sarabi approves.

Now to rearrange this dining room & make her fit. We must say goodbye to the original navy lady; bid your farewells now, she won't be here much longer!

I hope to have the dining room complete & a reveal posted later this week! This is so exciting (for the nerd in me, of course- not so much for the average person haha0.

See you soon!


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