Slacker Update

Yes, I still exist (but only barely) in the blogosphere. I have been slacking HARDCORE. Aside from my normal level of slackery, we also adopted a dog from our neighbor (long story), and that's thrown a bit of a wrench into some plans I had, cleaning wise.

  • The bedroom isn't done (laundry is still everywhere).
  • The office/upstairs living space isn't done (really just needs to be decluttered, but it looks like a lot more than that with all the dog stuff everywhere).
  • The basement definitely isn't done (though I've worked on it a little more here and there).
  • And my poor innocent dining room has become the biggest eyesore ever to exist (project crap, dog supplies, & god knows what else).

I'm really hoping that I get a slap of motivation soon to get all this crap out of this house. The yard sale helped, but I need to fully commit to getting rid of things. At this point, I really just want most of it gone. I want to start over entirely with the basement (aside from my rug & rattan furniture), make our bedroom way more open & bright & clean (basically just the essentials), and essentially just give stuff away.

I'm already making a list of things to give away to a couple of friends that are moving. And if they don't want it? Still- get it out. Make it leave. I need room to breathe and to work and to live.

So. Things I'm getting rid of/moving no matter what (and plenty more I can't think of right this second):
  • 3 Ikea Kallax units. One from the office, two from the basement (sold/one awaiting its move two doors down)
  • Pink wingback chair (trash it)
  • Target apothecary coffee table (moving upstairs to accommodate snake tank after Ikea Kallax leaves)
  • Lamps
  • Lifting coffee table (sold)
  • Two antique end tables (sold)
  • Dish sets I never use
  • Project supplies I haven't used (trash)
  • Fabric (some)
  • Clothing. Oh my god so much clothing (leaving this weekend)
  • That microwave cart I re-did & no longer use (curb it)
  • Small dining table (sold)
  • Small crap I thought was cute at some point and I now only keep because I spent money on it and feel like I'm wasting that money. Even though I don't like the thing anymore (mostly sold at the yard sale, but I know there's more hiding in the house)
  • Rugs I haven't used in forever or that I'm just not into anymore (curb for a day, then trash it- people don't usually trust rugs on the curb)
  • Bedding. I have way too much of it. Too many poofy comforter sets & only one bed.
  • Projects I'll never do.

I'm sure I also have a ton of paper trash floating around (old bills & mail and scratch paper and who know what else). And as much as I'd like to just wham-bam-thank-ya-maam get this all done right now, I can't.
This kind of purge takes time, so for right now, I'm just going to make a list of how I want to go through everything and clean. That way I have a game plan, and it'll look a lot less overwhelming if I break it all down into sections/steps.

With fall/winter approaching, I know I'm going to lose my mind if the house isn't done before I have to be all shut up in it over the colder months, so I'm really trying to dig deep for the motivation. Right now, I'm just planning stuff to get done on the weekends, and just small things that I could mostly get done on Friday night so they don't seem so overwhelming.

This weekend I want to focus on the laundry & the Ikea units, and dream about how clean my house will eventually be ;)

I'll catch you on the flip side!


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