Dining Room Planning...Again

I know, I just reworked the dining room in April because of the Brasilia... but I already am over it (only 6 months later!) and have a plan... kind of. More like I have an idea that I'm currently obsessed with...

So here's the plan:
  • Brasilia credenza goes downstairs as a TV stand
  • New reproduction Eames DSW dining chairs for every day use, vintage spade backs for extra seating when needed (& when all have been tightened)
  • Remove all back wall décor. Replace with black & white artwork.
  • Build/buy geometric wooden wall art for back wall. Three 2'x3' vertical panels or one 6'w x 4'l panel? Not sure yet, have possible designs to build both, though.
  • Simplify centerpieces. Maybe some simple candle sticks, or glass vases with eucalyptus

Pretty simple, right? But maybe the room will go from feeling like this... (don't mind my terrible phone picture that was taken at night lol)

...to this (but with more warmth)! I mean, that wood piece is killer. That would be a show stopper if I could manage to build something similar myself.

Source: Brepurposed

I want the room to feel more open, and the Brasilia and the coffee cart and the shelves (basically the entire back wall) are getting in the way of that for me. Less surface area means less clutter, and I could definitely use less clutter.

I'm hoping to have the main parts of the dining room done by the holidays, but the wooden wall art will definitely be a big undertaking for another time.

I do have some poster frames that are 2'x3' that I can hang as placeholders to see how I like the layout. I plan to get mats made for them to house smaller photos like below, and then have simple black and white photographs/art in them.

I have an order in with my artist friend, Hannah, to do her own version of these. I planned on printing the originals at first, as 11"x14"s, but they got pixelated and blown out. I am going to do a leaf on both ends (one reverse image) and the elephant in the center.

So when it was matted and hung, they'd look something like this. I'm sure the ratio is way off in this mock-up, but I did it in paint in about 5 minutes, so give me a break haha
Eventually, I'll go buy the simple black poster frames from Michael's (when they're on sale, of course), and replace the frames I have, but for now the ones I have will work. They're a resin material made to look like weathered wood, so they should look okay for the time being; they just might look a tad purple at first.

I'm really quite excited about the artwork Hannah is doing. She once did a portrait of a ram in white colored pencil on a black background and it blew my mind. Just look at this little piece of it! INCREDIBLE.

I highly suggest following her on IG, like, yesterday. This girl is talented in so many ways, so many mediums... Over the years, I've had a lot of her art in the house, but this set might be my favorite when it's done. Hopefully by Christmas I'll be able to show it off to you guys!


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