Dear 2017, #ByeFelicia

We are nearing the end of this year, and I could not be happier. The last couple of weeks have been a total train wreck for our house (particularly our basement), and I have plenty of ideas that I'm hoping to get out of my system.

Here are my hopes for this year for our house:

  • rip up all of the plants in the front garden section & replace with two giant leafy green hostas
  • lay down dark mulch to contrast greenery in front
  • install solar string lights
  • porch sign DIY
  • sweet potato vines and lavender in pot under mailbox
  • tall grass/elephant ears in left hand pot
  • fix the Lane Acclaim coffee table legs (aka buy a heat gun and probably curse a lot)
  • simplify shelves
  • find good vinyl storage trays for under dresser
  • cow hide rug?
  • keep the dining room wall & table from being a dumping ground
  • clean out extra dish sets & simplify with plain white Corelle
  • base cabinet organization
  • weekly cleaning
  • maybe change paint color (Aaron will kill me lol)
  • all white linens
  • laundry management
  • clutter management
  • Carl-free zone for kitties
  • clutter management
  • different kennel for Carl? Or kennel cover (wood maybe)?
  • green beast couch
  • "Purge City"
  • Carl-free zone
  • function as guest room, downstairs living room, and elliptical zone
  • clean up after the flood
  • purge all the things
  • make useable bathroom from "scary corner toilet" & utility sink
  • reconfigure layout
  • paint?
  • clothing storage
  • brighten stud wall?
  • different laundry shelving
As you can see, there are plenty of things I hope to accomplish, but most of them are small weekend projects or just things that I need to get better at doing as a routine.
The laundry room is going to be tackled first due to the two floods we've had (from water heater issues), but that will be a long term work in progress. I'll start with what I can accomplish without spending much money (if any at all), and then focus on the (w)rec(k) room while I save up for the things that'll cost more in the laundry area.

I also hope to be a bit better about documenting projects like these on my Instagram stories & to definitely get better about updating the blog on a regular basis again.

So here's to 2018, and trying to better my every day life by taking care of my home.


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