Basement Saga: Chapter 2 (Laundry Room)

Now that the laundry room is mostly done & the landlord has repaired the wall, I've moved into the rec room. There have been a lot of garbage & donation boxes going out the door, which is refreshing! Things are finally starting to have their "place" again...

...which of course means I'm going to mess with that by completely rearranging everything ;) I'm really pumped about my vision for the rec room, but I am excited to see what happens with our laundry room as well.

Let's go through what I have already done in the last month or so:
  • cleaned up after flooding
  • several boxes of donation
  • hung shelves above toilet (still trying to style that hot mess)
  • replaced shelving above washer/dryer
  • installed closet rod for "bathroom"
  • hung mirror above utility sink
  • placed shades on bare bulbs
  • rearranged storage shelving for better flow
  • about 10,000 loads of laundry
  • hung Aaron's bike
  • made closet rod for extra clothes/clothes that need to air dry
  • moved Sterilite bins to storage so tools can be on wire shelving

What's left that I'd like to do during the budget-friendly portion of the overhaul:
  • move extra furniture pieces to storage...so, figure out what pieces will be considered "extra," first of all.
  • wire shelving covers (instead of the one sad shower curtain I have hanging now)
  • stain new laundry shelves/brackets
  • paint upper 2/3 of laundry wall navy
  • paint unsightly utility sink pipes to match wall in hopes that they'll blend in even a little bit
  • move chest freezer over from Dad's house (and bring more stuff to storage)
  • make utility sink covers for less than $25 total- one for around the base to "hide the ugly," and one to go overtop for folding surface. Thinking cheap plywood boards?
  • move Target coffee table to Gianna's next door
Not a whole lot, but enough to need a list and maybe a long weekend.
There are also a few things that I'd possibly eventually like to do once I have a little more extra spending money. I'll probably start thinking about doing these sometime this summer.
  • price peg board sheets to install on the studs, opposite of the paneling. Maybe paint to "zusch" them a little. Would be good storage for broom & loose tools/supplies
  • possibly build a L-shaped "wall" for the washer/dryer side of the water heater & furnace so that they're covered? Might be a bit of an unnecessary stretch, but we'll see what happens
Now I just have to remember to take some pictures tomorrow after I do a little tidying & add them here for you so we can start talking about the actually exciting room... the (w)rec(k) room!


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