In-Progress Project Roundup

I cannot even begin to tell you how insane the last few months have been, project-wise. Between work, the seizure, not having driving capabilities for three months because of said seizure... I've started a million projects, finished a handful, given up on some, and just have the pieces lying out from the others.

So lets see what I've got going on here (because to be honest, I don't even think I know what I have going on at this point). 
  1. Mid century coffee table rescue: from purple & gold to smooth and dreamy walnut
    What's left to do: glue, clamp, and screw it back together & eventually get a glass top to protect it from kitty claws & Carl slobber. The second picture is of when it was stripped down and naked, but let me tell you, when you see the color of it & it's put all back together, you might drool.

  2. Mid century Dixie dresser:  from abused & wallpapered to a two tone walnut dream
    What's left to do: paint the frame fresh black, drill new hardware holes, fill old hardware holes, install new hardware, clean up the drawer edges a bit, seal it all up with poly, possibly replace the legs at some point. Must be done by June 10th or I'm curbing it, because it's taking up way too much living room space right now

  3. Mid century Johnson Carper nightstand: from teal and black (with an unnecessarily added skirt) to dark walnut with a matching friend
    What's left to do: strip the inner frame, as well as the legs & leg bases (also need to fill the nail holes on the leg bases from the hideous skirt), sand down with a super-fine grit, stain, seal

  4. Basement Saga: in a constant state of "could be done if I just..." but I never "just..." lol. Right now it's full of yard sale boxes & things I need to get rid of, plus a healthy amount of laundry
    What's left to do: finish painting the stairwell, paint the laundry area, eventually create a "concession" area for movie nights, removal of everything that needs to leave
  5. DIY large scale framed wall art: 24x36" print, framed, under $30
    What's left to do: mod-podge the print to a back-board, attach the frame, and hang
  6. Woodburned mandala end table/footstool/plant stand: I already had the wooden round & woodburner on hand, but I did have to buy the stencil, and I still need to decide how tall I'll want it. It might depend on how the burning looks at the end 😆
    What's left to do: I'm almost done woodburning the design, but it takes a lot of patience & time I usually don't have at the end of the day. Once it's done, I'll stain/seal the top, pop some legs on, and call it a day. Definitely a limited time hobby (maybe even just a one-time hobby lol)
  7. 2nd bedroom refresh: from dumping ground/"I don't know where this goes" pit to functional office/guest room
    What's left to do: well, since Carl's kennel had to be put back up, it won't be exactly as I planned, but it's pretty close. Now it's mostly just removing all the yard sale items and vacuuming...which sounds easy, but there are a LOT of yard sale items. I'm getting there though, albeit slowly 
  8. Our bedroom refresh: from cluttered, crowded, and stressful to a light, bright, and clean oasis
    What's left to do: basically everything. Painting, replacing switches/outlets, moving the Dixie dresser up (if I finish it). Creating a better laundry system that doesn't involve our clothes all over the floor
  9. Bathroom refresh: light retouch to make it feel cleaner
    What's left to do: repaint the white cabinet, take down the necklace trees, paint over the spackle spots, new bath mat, window solution
  10. Live edge walnut slabs: they've been sitting in my yard for a year
    What's left to do: cut them down to size for benches/tables/shelves, sand and seal, add legs or brackets accordingly. I need to at least cut them down so they'll fit in the basement and not stay in the yard

We're going to say that's it for now, though I'm certain there are more. I KNOW there are more that I haven't even started yet...

Speaking of which, I do have plenty of photo-shoot ideas floating around in my head... hopefully that side of the blog will be updated soon as well! If you're local & want to do some shots with me (har har) let me know!


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