Craft Night: DIY Jewelry Organizers

If there’s something I have too many of & can never find, it’s shirts, socks, pens, earrings, necklaces, and blankets...

...and house plants, screwdrivers, hammers, and wood stains.

But today we’re going to focus on the jewelry. Because I work at a funeral home & cemetery, there aren’t a whole lot of office outfits that seem...appropriate; a lot of things are too low cut, tight, etc. But one outfit I can get away with wearing every day is a pair of black pants, a plain (nicer) tee-shirt, and a blazer. To switch it up, I usually just wear a different necklace or accessory with it to make it feel a little more “me.”

Now I love long necklaces- they accentuate height rather than width, they come in all different styles, and they make it SO EASY on me to just change my pants into jeans, and my blazer into a cardigan & still look somewhat “put together.”
But storing them is a monumental pain in the arse. They get all tangled up in each other, they make everything look messy, and I can’t stand it. It’s gotten to the point where I have them hanging from my ram skull, from hangers (with my work tees, which is fine but not at all what I want), and from these Target trees in the bathroom (which I loved the idea of, just not the reality).

So instead of keeping everything a mess & never being able to find anything, I decided to just make a cheap DIY organizer that would fit everything on it without any issues. Here’s what I used:

  • Driftwood branch (found on vacation)
  • Screw-in hooks
  • D-rings
First I made indents about a half an inch apart all the way down the branch, marking where I’d want each hook. I didn’t want them too close together or too far apart, but just close enough that I could fit all of my necklaces without them getting tangled.

Then, since the driftwood was a lot harder than I expected, I made small pilot holes using my drill, and then hand screwed each hook in its place. If you are using a pine wooden dowel, you may be able to simply hand screw each hook in without pilot holes.

Next, I hand screwed the D-rings onto the back of the branch for easy hanging, and boom, done. You could opt to hang yours from twine or anything else, but I wanted this to be as simple-looking and space-saving as possible without it having any extra components to distract from the branch itself.

Once it was hung up, I simply put my necklaces on their hooks, and called it done! While it may not be perfect or anywhere near “neat & clean” looking when all of my necklaces are on it, that’s perfectly alright with me. Getting ready in the morning is going to be much easier now.

Now I just have to figure out a way to organize my earrings... 😜

If you make anything similar, be sure to share pictures on our Facebook page or in an email!


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