Curbside Pickup: Danish MCM Armchair

As you all know, I am a thrifting nut. About 99% of our house is thrifted if you don't count groceries & clothes (and even then, I'm starting to get more into thrifting clothes). I rarely pay full price for anything, but I love it even more when I can get a good looking piece for free.

Now this chair came on a good day: I had friends with me that are total enablers, we had an SUV that we and the chair could fit into, and we were planning on going thrifting all day for my birthday. SO when this little baby looked at me and screamed "help me, I'm ugly but I don't have to be!" I just had to help it.

The only cost this chair had was the fabric, which I used a 50% coupon for at Joann Fabrics. I chose a thin textured vinyl that felt a lot like leather & would be easy to clean, knowing that this chair would be replacing the one Aaron typically used for gaming in the living room (that chair had also been a thrifted piece, but eventually the springs broke & it wasn't worth repairing since he and Carl had both stained the seat cushion before then; it would've been too much effort. We ended up putting it out on the curb until someone else decided to pick it up).

Figuring out how the chair was put together took a minute, but once I figured it out, I was in business. I just had to get some wood filler out of some screw holes, unscrew the whole thing, reupholster it, and put it all back together. The entire structure of the chair is built around and by the cushions so that no screws or structural support was seen. I do eventually want to replace the bottom screws with some longer ones to add some stability, but everything else is in great condition.

I still have to refill the holes with some fresh wood filler and oil all of the wooden components, but voila (for where I'm at now)! New mid century arm chair for under $35. The black and walnut look really sharp together & mix with the room quite well when not in use for Aaron's gaming. Let's hope this chair lasts another 50+ years!

One of these days, I'll finish filling up the holes, and oil it all back up so I can take some really nice photos of it, but this is where we're at now, folks... and it's a helluva lot better than the "before," amirite? 😉


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