Essentials for New Lyft Drivers

Did you just start driving for a rideshare? Looking to start driving for a rideshare? I've been driving for Lyft for a little while now, and decided to compile a list with links for items that I have found helpful. In my case, Lyft did send a welcome kit that included window static sticker decals, though that took almost two weeks to arrive, so I had temporary labels up for quite some time before I was more "official."

There are a lot of posts like this out on the internet, so keep in mind that this list pf items is what has personally worked for me, so you may have other things to add, or some things that you find unnecessary,. At the very least, this should give you a good idea of what to look for when stocking up your ride before you pick up your first passengers.

  • Garbage can for car: I've had this travel garbage can since I first got the truck and it has been a life saver! Once you run out of the bags it comes with, grocery bags fit perfectly & keep all the yuck in one spot. No worries about greasy bags, leaky drive thru cups, or used Kleenex touching anything else in the car. Plus, it doubles as an alternative puke spot for if you ever run out of emesis bags.

  • Backseat basket: Chances are, your nearest Dollar Tree has something that will work; you're just going to use this to hold things your riders may need (it's up to you if you charge for anything in the basket or not). You can stock this with snacks and drinks to sell on the side for a few extra bucks, or just fill it with some essential items your riders may appreciate. I picked up something slightly larger than a shoebox and it's been perfect for my needs, and super easy to move to the front seat in case kids get in, or if I ever have a full load of riders in the back.

  • Emesis bags: I ordered a small pack of these after reading about them in a Lyft Drivers group. They twist shut for any riders that get sick in the car so that it doesn't spill or smell up the car, and they can take them when they leave and dispose of them elsewhere. Whether you're picking up someone from a bar, a party, a concert, wherever, these will come in handy juuuuust in case.

  • Hand sanitizer/hand lotion: I always have these in my console for me, so of course it felt natural to add these into the backseat basket. People have been so thankful when coming out of stores to see that hand sanitizer, and then are glad to have a chance to help rehydrate their skin with the lotion after the sanitizer dries. I picked both of mine up at Dollar Tree (GermX and Suave Oatmeal hand lotion).

  • Kleenex: Not only is it still Pandemic Era, but it's winter time, and allergy season is coming up next, baby. A constant staple in my car, but I now have a rider specific box in the backseat basket so it's easy for them to reach.

  • Disposable masks: Pandemic Era necessity, and sometimes folks forget or just want a new one after being in a certain place. Either way, they're cheap enough that I don't mind providing them.

  • Water bottles: Dollar Tree sells 6 packs of the mini bottles, perfect for riders without taking up too much room. Again, great for folks you're picking up from bars, etc...it's important to keep them hydrated!

  • Phone charger: I got this 2-pack of multi chargers so that no matter what kind of phone they have, they should have no problem juicing up. Pair this with a multi-port charger, and you're golden.

  • Car sanitizing products: I picked up some Microban & some carpet/upholstery sanitizer. I don't have leather seats to wipe down, so this is the next best thing. I also always have sanitizing wipes in my glove compartment, so after each day of driving, I wipe down all hard surfaces and spray down the inside of the car, and leave my windows open in our driveway for a few hours to help air it out.

    I also never have the "cabin circulation" button pressed on the heat/ac so that the airflow in the car is always coming from outside, and I tend to keep the front passenger side and back driver's side windows cracked the whole time I'm driving to help aid in air flow (they get cracked more between riders, but typically I'll have them open about a half inch during rides). As it gets warmer out, this will be easier to do, but right now, it's still winter in Illinois.

  • Emergency roadside kit: I replaced my old disorganized kit with this one. It fits perfectly under the back seat & gives me reassurance that I'm prepared in case of any basic kind of emergency stop. I also picked up some Mace Gel for self defense, because you never truly know who is going to be in your car, or what neighborhoods you'll be driving in.

  • IPASS (for Illinois drivers): Having an IPASS is a must if you ever plan to be on Illinois tollways. Seeing as I didn't hate my first trip to O'Hare, I wouldn't be entirely opposed to doing it again, and let's be honest... with this gas-guzzler, I won't be taking the back roads to IKEA anymore, so I'll benefit just on my own with this. I picked mine up at the Road Ranger just before I-90 on Riverside, and it was less than $33, and $20 of that is immediately added as a balance upon device activation/registration. Registration online was simple & within 24 hours, it's ready to roll.

  • Lyft light-up sign: This will help riders find me in crowded parking lots, on busy streets, or in any dark skies/bad weather situation. It's really quite bright, and for the $12 price, absolutely worth it.
    Update: It seems this one is not always available on Amazon (it occasionally comes up as Page Not Found), but if it ever comes back, this is what the listing looks like. There are several similar options, so if you want to be seen, take a look online & choose what works best for you.

  • Cargo organizer: If you have a truck, an SUV with a large trunk, or even just a small trunk that runs deep, this heavy duty cargo net can help you and your riders retrieve their grocery hauls much easier once you reach their homes. They won't be crawling up into the bed of your truck because something rolled towards the cab, they won't be straining to reach something that escaped in your SUV and is now lodged against your seat, and they won't have their legs hanging out of your trunk trying to reach that elusive apple that went for an adventure in the back of your Taurus.

I'm sure I'll continue to add any products I run across as time goes on, but this is a good place to start. Stay safe, and happy Lyfting 😎


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