Thrifty Thursdays 02: I Found a Couch!

Welcome back! If you missed last week's post, you can check it out ----> here!

This week I'm going to show you some recent finds of mine & ideas as to what you could do with similar finds. A lot of these things you might typically just walk by without a second glance. But if you follow some of my tips from last week (don't worry- there will be more), you may just walk away with them.

First is this scale:

While it may not seem like much, I have plans for it thanks to Lauren over at Bless'er House. You can check out her full tutorial ----> here.

Then there were these cute little guys for $0.59 & $0.79:

Add a thrifted candle (and go find the matching one at Walmart) and....you've got an industrial chic look going for you for mere pennies!

Now these embroidery hoops:

Even if you don't cross stitch (I know I don't), these can be a great simplistic addition to any room with just a little bit of scrap fabric in a color/pattern you love. Get some canvas cloth to paint your own design- there is even chalkboard fabric out there somewhere that you could use!

Alternatively, grab a few circular ones and make one of those orbs you've been drooling over- you could even turn it into a light!

Speaking of lights, check this out:

That large pulley on the left is destined to be paired up with one of my pendant lamps thanks to this pin. And luck would have it, I have three of these exact cage lamps, new in box! I've been waiting for the perfect way to hang them, and this will look great in the office/rec room area upstairs.

All I'll have to do is wrap the rope around the cord down to the outlet, and it'll look great!

Finally, this beautiful beast (I do have the original cushions as well). I received a message on Facebook from one of our friends telling me where this was at (on the side of the road!!), and I made a run for it. There had been a bench as well, but evidently I was too late to the game to pick that up.

Right now it is living in the storage unit to help air out the "old person smell" & kill any potential bugs via starvation (bed bugs?) and heat.

Honestly, I think this piece will be a perfect replacement for all of the cane back chairs I just retired. The original plan was to have them in the basement study, but they weren't turning out the way I'd like them to, so I threw in the towel.

You can check out other plans for the basement study ----> here.

**Rookie tip: Check any fabric, furniture or otherwise, before buying. Make sure there aren't any extremely foul odors, any bugs, or irreparable damage. Bugs can infest your entire home very quickly, and often times, smells mean mildew- which means a lot of replacement fabric & stuffing. 

While rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs upon contact, it may discolor your fabric if sprayed liberally (and I can guarantee that you don't want to be sitting there suffocating each individual bug with a Q-tip).

If anyone has any tips on how to clean this at home (aka for free) please send them my way! I'm currently waiting on responses from a few professional places, and I can already hear my wallet crying 6 months from now, when it'd actually get done (tax return time is the best time).

**Update: My lowest current quote for professional re-upholstery is at $785 + fabric cost. This means that this couch could potentially cost $1000 to recover by a professional (so you see why I'm attempting the smaller settee myself).

This also means I will be going the cleaning route, either myself or by a professional. Unfortunately, I am not Tom Haverford, & I can't afford to just throw money in the air and let it fly...We'll see how much that would cost soon.

**Update #2: Every company I've contacted has told me that they won't clean it, or that they'll only spot clean it- even an industrial cleaning company said they couldn't do it, saying,

"I am sorry to say that I feel this couch will not clean up.  It looks like it might be mildew and that is impossible to get out.  Also because it is so old the stains are probably set in."

Um, no? That's literally just dirt; there are no stains. I even said that in my initial contact, but okay. Plus their site says that they specialize in getting out "old, set-in stains," & in "restoring your antique furniture to its former glory with professional cleaning techniques." So... I don't see the problem here.

Alright, sure. Looks like I'm cleaning this on my own then. After searching through Pinterest, I have found a few different things to try. Luckily, the cushion covers can have a sacrificial test section that can just always be on the bottom if something goes wrong. We'll just be like Bob Ross & pretend it never happened.

Did you find anything interesting recently? Stop on by our Facebook page and share it with your fellow readers! We love to see everyone else's projects :)

See you soon!


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